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Create an MD5 Hash with this little script that comes with a simple TKinter GUI. Get more info on creating MD5 hashes at Md5Passwords


from Tkinter import *
import hashlib

def doitnow():
    salt = insalt.get()
    textstr = text_str.get()
    hash = hashlib.md5( salt + textstr ).hexdigest()
    return 0

root = Tk()
lab1 = Label(root, text = 'Salt:')
lab2 = Label(root, text = 'Key String:')
lab3 = Label(root, text = 'Hash:')

insalt = Entry(root, bg = 'white')
text_str= Entry(root, bg = 'white')
hashtext = Entry(root, bg = 'white')

button = Button(root,text = "Hash It", command = doitnow)


lab1.pack(anchor = W)
insalt.pack(anchor = W)
lab2.pack(anchor = W)
text_str.pack(anchor = W)
lab3.pack(anchor = W)
hashtext.pack(anchor = W)
button.pack(ancho = E)


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