Alireza Azimzadeh Milani

Nickname: alimp5

Job: Penetration-Tester, Researcher, Author, Network/Security Linux Engineer

Skills: LPIC-2, RHCE, WiFu, PWK, Python+Django, CEH, CCNA, CWSP,



{i} Summary: He has been using Python since Python 2.7.something and has written many tools such as: IST-DDOSer, IST-Advertizer, IST-WiFi_PassStealer,... and 6 books about Security / Hacking / Pentesting / Programming to Persian/Farsi language for Iranian IT lovers: Practical Guide on Python Programming, Practical Guide on Network Pentesting with Kali-Linux and Practical Guide on Web Development with Django.

In ‎December 2015, He has discovered multiple security vulnerabilities from two WIMAX-CPE modems and submitted them at "" and "". He also graduated at "Khaje. Nasir. Toosi University of Technology - Tehran" in Master degree(Network Engineering).

{i} CV on linkedin:

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