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 * "attachment:myfile.txt" allows to add a link to an attachment.  * "[[attachment:myfile.txt]]" allows to add a link to an attachment.
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 What will happen with spam and wikis? --> [http://jeuxplaystation.webcindario.com Jeu Jeux Telecharger Playstation]
  • Setting language to Deutsch in UserPreferences results in german emails.

  • If you log in using the UserPreferences link at the top right, you can set several useful user options and are known by your name.

  • Choose a WikiName as a user login (FirstnameLastname).

  • The menu bar can be changed in UserPreferences.

  • The size of the editor window can be changed in UserPreferences.

  • Setting the language to "de" in your browser or UserPreferences allows to change the menues and help pages to german.

  • The CSS style sheet can be changed to an arbitrary URL in UserPreferences.

  • Setting the bookmark in RecentChanges allows to keep track of changes since the last visit.

  • WantedPages shows WikiNames for which no page exists yet.

  • OrphanedPages show pages that aren't referenced by WikiName.

  • Using a WikiBadge helps in keeping a clear overview.

  • CategoryCategory list all available categories

  • A WikiWord is part of a WikiName. A WikiName consists of multiple capitalized words.

  • Use WikiNames ALWAYS in singular, otherwise, multiple pages for a topic are created.

  • Sign comments with "@ SIG @" (without the blanks).
  • Don't hesitate to add content - you can't break anything as pages are automatically saved.

  • The SpellCheck link at the bottom of a page allows you to check your spelling (who would've thought of that).

  • "myfile.txt" allows to add a link to an attachment.

  • Email addresses like my.mail@yahoo.com are converted to a link.

  • Web addresses like http://www.python.org are converted to a link.

  • Links to images or image attachments are displayed on the page rather than as a link.
  • Don't add new pages if the topic fits into a few lines on an existing page
  • Wikis are great - especially after having read the help. 8)
  • WikiWiki = hawaiian for "quick".

  • The magnifyer glass can be used to search titles or the page text. Even regular expressions can be used.
  • The letter icon can be used to subscribe to pages.
  • The blue and red glasses show the differences between versions.
  • The info icon show the history of a page.
  • TitleIndex is an index of all pages, WordIndex is a list of all words contained in WikiNames.

  • You don't have to use FrontPage as the entrance to the Wiki. RecentChanges or your own home page might be useful too.

  • Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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