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> Yes, Python can do it... on Windows. > Two (examples) ways: > - ActiveScripting (PythonScript), include in PyWin32 > - Gestalt (who mix Python, Ruby &Javascript, via Silverlight)

Web Browser Programming in Python

This topic covers ways in which python can be used in web browsers to control, create or manipulate the content within a user's web browser, or a web-based technology (such as webkit, the technology behind Safari, Midori, the OLPC Browser, Adobe AIR, Google Chrome and much more; XULrunner (the engine behind Firefox) and much more; MSHTML ( the engine behind IE and much more; and KDE's KHTMLPart).

To clarify what type of technology goes onto this page, some examples of types of technology that can and cannot be added to this section:

This latter example requires some further explanation: Pyjamas, for example, is a python-to-javascript compiler that can include inline javascript. So, although the input to Pyjamas is part-python, part-javascript, the output is pure-javascript that runs in a web browser, and so any such "mixed" language libraries should be included on this page.

Python to Javascript Compilers

Embedding Python inside Web Browsers

Python wrappers around Web "Libraries" and Browser Technology

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