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Web Applications in Python

Numerous widely-deployed Web applications have been written in Python, some employing technologies found on the WebFrameworks page, others providing much of the technology themselves (and potentially spawning a new framework later on in their existence). The following lists comprise a non-exhaustive collection of such Web applications.

Note that Internet sites "powered by Python" which aren't downloadable and redeployable should be listed elsewhere (see WellKnownPythonPrograms) - this page is concerned with applications which can be downloaded, studied, customised, run locally, run on an intranet or on the Internet, or used as the basis for other applications.



Forum (message board)

Information Management

Mail Reading

Media Management


Software Development


Editorial Notes

The above lists should be arranged in ascending alphabetical order - please respect this when adding new entries. If, as the developer of a listed application, you disagree with the classification of the work, please move it into the appropriate category or create a new category, respecting the ascending alphabetical order of the categories. When specifying release dates please use the format YYYY-MM-DD.

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