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== Volunteer Opportunities in Python ==
Hi searching he web found your details online and have a number of customers that are looking to re-develop their HTML, PHP website to Django/Python.
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The purpose of this page is to act as an adjunct to the [[http://www.python.org/community/jobs/|Python Jobs]] page, which only allows the posting of paying jobs. I am a Business Development Consultant and looking to team up with other Django/Python so that I can resell their skills and channel my customer projects via our website to them.
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This page is dedicated to volunteer opportunities that are not necessarily any different from any other "real" job, except for the fact that the work is not done for pay. There's a separate page with information if you want to [[http://www.python.org/psf/volunteer/|volunteer to help the PSF]].

=== How To Submit a Volunteer Job ===

There is already a [[http://www.python.org/community/jobs/howto/|Python Jobs HowTo]] page, and it would be best if you could follow those same instructions as closely as possible for this page. Doing so will allow people who are already familiar with this site to access the material quickly

== Pinwheel.org ! ==

We need your help!

Pinwheel.org is a web-based network that connects student volunteers and non-profit agencies. We want to show volunteers they can do things they enjoy to give back, help schools become more engaged in their students' volunteer work, and allow non-profits to manage their work force more effectively. The service is free for volunteers and opportunity posters. Please see our temporary site: www.Pinwheel.org/

Originally co-founded at Stanford by a group of students, Pinwheel is now a pioneering force in the business world, nonprofit world, and worlds of students all over the country. After the Beta launch, Pinwheel will be the first resource for high school students looking for volunteer work.

The application that drives the Pinwheel web site is written in Python, and we are seeking developers who are familiar with that language.

Required Knowledge and Skills

    * Experience writing xhtml
    * Experience using Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop
    * Experience writing and debugging code in a web programming language (PHP, Perl, ASP, Java, Python or Ruby)
    * Knowledge of web standards, specifically the xhtml transitional 1.0 specification and CSS2
    * Knowledge of object oriented software development (equivalent to a freshman course in computer programming)
    * Interns must be: teamwork-oriented, self-motivated, proud of Pinwheel's vision, idealistic, and fun-loving(!) -just like we are.

We've spent the last 2 years working hard on this idea, and want to get it up and running ASAP. Ideally, you will work in our office in San Francisco, but we are flexible, and could allow programmers to work from Palo Alto or at home. Please contact exec@pinwheel.org Thanks!

=== BeeSeek: the Open Source Search Engine ===

We are developing an open source search engine based on a peer to peer technology, written in Python.

We are currently looking for skilled Python programmers that enjoys co-working with other people. Experiences in DBMS, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP will be appreciated (although not mandatory). Their duties will be working on the search engine and, occasionally, help with our website (drupal-based) and other services we use.

The whole job can be easily achieved from home with a broadband connection. A minimum of a few hours per week of activity is required.

 * '''Contact''': Andrea Colangelo
 * '''E-mail contact''': andrea.colangelo@beeseek.org
 * '''Contact''': Andrea Corbellini
 * '''E-mail contact''': andrea.corbellini@beeseek.org
 * '''Web''': [[http://www.beeseek.org]]

=== PyConference ===

'''Conference planning web application plus appropriate frontend (conference website).'''

I don't know if you know it, but there is an very good conference planning software written in Ruby on Rails, called "Pentabarf" - http://www.pentabarf.org/Main_Page - and I really would like to see it if we have something like that in python, too.

Its not a "NIH"-thing, but I am more into Python than into Ruby, as the most of you. And a second reason for starting such a project is especially the planning of python-focused confernces. There it would be a little be embarassing, if someone plans a conference in a RoR conference planning web application or - much worser :-) - in PHP.

And using a half-baked Plone or Zope application wouldnt do the job right, also not the using of a wiki like MoinMoin, it isnt the right tool for such a job.

I didn't start the project yet, but if there are enough people for a good team I would start and host it.

Ruby has a good web framework doing this, Ruby on Rails. But we got two! :) If wether Django or Pylons is better is for the job, will be decided based on the peoples who participate, and also if the web app gets more in the content or more in the application/tool direction.

I work with both web frameworks so the decision is mostly based on this. Therefore you guys should have knowledge in these frameworks or feel capable of learn about them. Also only HTML/CSS or Javascript/AJAX-Guys are welcome, also translators etc.

The name is also not decided, if you have a good name with (at best) a Monty Python connection, place it here:
 * Booth
  * I put the first one myself: It is the name of John Cleese's (ex)wife and actress in most Monty Python movies and the name fits in the conference context :)

PS: The most important thing - if you want to take part, mail me with subject "PyConference" at: mm ( A-T ) mpathy ( D-O-T ) de

=== Project Anglea - Open Source Gaming Project ===

Project Angela is seeking developers to help us take the already open source training simulation enginge, Delta3D, and convert it for use as a gaming engine.
We are seeking enthusiastic python developers to make this the a gaming engine that can be recycled by many people to create new and interesting games.

We have a number of interesting areas to contribute :
 * Rule Set Abtraction
 * User Interface
 * Artificial Intelligence
 * User Management
 * Security

and more.....
http://www.rpg-gamerz.com/smf (our forums)

Contact us at the forum for the project or write to recentcoin@hotmail.com

=== Contribute to a cool opensource Virtualization Project ===


XenMan is graphical tool aimed at operational lifecycle management for Xen virtualisation. XenMan is built on the belief that ease-of-use and sophistication can, and should, co-exist in a single tool that can serve both novice and expert users alike.
We are seeking enthusiastic python developers to make this a defacto tool for Virtualization management.
We have a number of interesting areas to contribute :
 * ConVirt LiveCD
 * Migration support
 * Support multiple Virtualization technologies
 * Headless Xenman (server)
 * Policy support
 * Charting metrics
 * Internationalization scheme and translations
 * Packaging for distributions
 * Windows port
and more.....

Contact us at the forum for the project or write to jd_jedi@users.sourceforge.net

=== Official Python Developer ===

'''Project:''' We are looking for a Volunteer Python Expert to develop a free Python application. We offer high visibility in all European Companies and we will publish a Promotional text in the [[http://www.eurocv.eu|EuroCv]] website.

[[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] is a network of professionals around the global whose curriculum vitae are available 24/7 in the European format free-of-charge to anyone through the world wide web.

Through the [[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] Website : http://www.eurocv.eu, job-seekers can post and update their curriculum vitae in European Format (in any language) along with a cover letter and photo, free of charge. [[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] system allows certain information to be secured or shared publically. Any information stored on the EuroCv system will not expire automatically.

The [[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] system provides the job-seeker the flexibility to update the information, in one central location, without modifying the public access code that he or she can distribute to any potential employers. Employers can easily access the [[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] system through the same Web site and view or download the information free of charge. For more information about this service: http://eurocv.eu/page.php?q=EuroCv

This software must connect itself with a free webservice developed by [[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] Community (Free service to publish a European Curriculum).

We need help from python developers who also know:

 * MySQL
 * XML
 * WSDL (Web Service)

=== Create a Python Soap Client to connect ===

[[http://www.eurocv.eu/page.php?q=eurocv|EuroCv]] Free webservice.

 * '''Contact''': Michelangelo Turillo
 * '''E-mail contact''': staff [at] eurocv [dot] eu
 * '''Skype''': eurocv
 * '''Web''': http://www.eurocv.eu.

=== [[http://www.escreeningroom.org|E Screening Room]] (San Rafael, CA, USA) ===

'''Job Description:''' This is not for the faint of heart ! If you have time to hammer this out in the next three weeks let us know… We will be building an integration of “Broadcast Machine” with Paypal subscription services.*

We are looking for a volunteer web developer with a passion for documentary films and in support of the freedom of speech, with experience with perl, Python mysql. We are using agile (extreme) programming methods. We can’t pay you anything but you get to create the cool feature to support the freedom of speech.

The non-profit E Screening Room http://escreeningroom.org/ is dedicated to connect independent documentary film makers with their audience. We have on-line website dedicated to viewing unabridged independent documentary films at http://escreeningroom.org.
We are starting a new website http://indiewebfest.org which will be an online filmfestival based running on open source “Broadcast Machine” from http://www.getdemocracy.com/broadcast/. The neat thing of the “Broadcast Machine” is that it is bittorrent based, and thus allows for unlimited band wide without significant funding. In effect this means that you don’t have to come up with thousands of $$ to distribute your idea or your film.

Independent documentary films are born out of the passion –often compassion - for the subject of the film. Often these documentaries are self financed. But there is little financial gain out of documentary film. As a result, documentary producers get discouraged and often leave the field. We think that’s a shame: to lose an independent voice, is a loss for a free society. At the e screening room we are changing that by connecting documentary filmmakers with their audience.

'''Project:''' The idea is to allow viewers to subscribe to a site through paypal. The viewer would pay a low monthly fee to get assess to a subset (subscription only) of the films on the site. The subscription fees are then redistributed to the filmmakers papal accounts based on viewer ship and will fund the site. This project will take place independent of getdemocracy.com but application will be released as open source. I expect that it will take about 40 hour over two months.

 * '''Contact:''' Ward Bouwman President
 * '''Email:''' Vol24@escreeningroom.org
 * '''Web:''' http://escreeningroom.org

=== wxwindows debugger ===

project Dex Tracker

The Dex Tracker Project is looking for someone to help debug a ogl aplication that is almost finished. The file in question is tracker.py currently it is a modified version of the ogl sample with aditional code added. What is needed is to seperate it from the run.py (or run2.py) that it is being forced to use. Windows is required (unless you wish to do alot more coding for a port) Project is at http://www.stormpages.com/edexter/csound.html and I should be reached through the google board at http://groups.google.com/group/dexrow-software-and-programming-group

=== Video display hooks needed for off--screen model. ===

As many of you may or may not know, there is a freeware open-source screen reader for blind and visually impaired people written in Python called NVDA (Nonvisual Desktop Access.) The software runs on Windows2000, xp (all versions) and vista. The project is coming along quickly however we need video display hooks to create an off-screen model so that NVDA can give more information to the blind computer user, and also implement such things as mouse simulation. Video display hooks will also allow us to support even more applications and enhance the support of the current applications even more-so. These video display hooks for the offscreen model need to be written in Python if possible. To download NVDA, go to


We as developers and testers haven't been able to figure out how to implement video display hooks so NVDA can utilise an off-screen model so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You may contact me about this project at
Josh Kennedy
msn messenger contact: Josh Kennedy kenn6498ku@hotmail.com
skype contact: jkenn337

Again any assistance with this project would be greatly apreciated. Video display hooks will greatly increase the abilities of the NVDA screen-reader. Note, this position is not restricted to blind programmers if you have sight and can help please contact me. There is also an email list for NVDA at nvda@freelists.org .

=== SBI Network Project - based on an Open Business Model ===
NOTE: this is in fact a paid project on the form of shares in a lucrative worldwide project. So, it will be owned by all partners.

Today, we request the opportunity to invite OpenBSD, Python, Asterisk and Mozilla communities to collaborate with us in developing various Integrated Internet and Telecommunication Applications.

This is a very interesting opportunity to these selected communities of Programmers, Developers, Computer Engineers, Solution Providers who already acquired at least 2 years expertise in open source Application development and wish to enter into a non-binding dialogue with us for a mutual beneficial agreement.

The selected technology partners and individuals will collaborate in developing/implementing a multi-phase telecommunication project and be part of an international, cross cultural, multidisciplinary team of technology experts and entrepreneurs.

This will be achieved using an open business module principle with passive income source and excellent probability of generating substantial resources and a sustainable source of income within 36 month.

The following steps shall be accomplished:

Embed several Internet and Telecom technologies into OpenBSD OS such as but not limited to

o Python

o Open H323, OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD, OpenCVS,

o Wolfram Mathematica for Mathematical computing, Search Engine, and other application

o Asterisk

The selected dynamic team members shall possess expertise in:

o System Security and Encryption,

o Networking (such as and not limited to Load Balancing, Scalability...)

o Logarithmic, Algorithm computing

o Develop several application with Python, Web-Mathematica and OpenBSD, (such as but not limited to IPTV, Video on Demand, Video Conferencing, Video & Audio Streaming,

o Develop Desktop/Web application such as but not limited to PDA programming, cell phone programming, E-Learning, E-Commerce, E-Tradding. E-Application

If you think you can help us, have an idea, opinion or a recommendation we would like to hear it from you.

We can communicate in French, Spanish, and English

Marc and Paulo

Please feel free to get in touch via Skype: G.J.G.Clarke

Hi searching he web found your details online and have a number of customers that are looking to re-develop their HTML, PHP website to Django/Python.

I am a Business Development Consultant and looking to team up with other Django/Python so that I can resell their skills and channel my customer projects via our website to them.

Please feel free to get in touch via Skype: G.J.G.Clarke


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