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* Kumar McMillan (kumar.mcmillan@gmail.com): Thursday afternoon

Pycon 2008 Volunteer Signup

Hello interested volunteer. Here's where you can find a role that fits your particular on-site volunteer talents. Volunteering at Pycon could possibly be the greatest thing you will ever do. Ever. To sign up, just edit this wiki page, including your name and email address in the spot you'd like to volunteer for. In general, the things we're going to need people for are:

  • Registration desk volunteers
  • Swag bag stuffers
  • Session Chairs: sign up for this role on the main schedule app page.
  • Electrical cord tapers / untapers
  • Last minute helper mob

Registration Desk Volunteers

Volunteers are especially needed Thursday and Friday mornings, from 7:30am on. Even if you're attending a morning tutorial, you can help at the desk on Thursday morning. The registration desk is in the Atrium, beside the hotel pool.

Please include your name, your email address, and the days and times you're volunteering for, along with any notes (like when you get to the hotel). Thank you!

  • Sheila (shekay pobox com): Thursday PM. Available after the first two tutorial sessions. Fri/Sat AM.
  • Robert (rcramsdell gldd com): Fri/Sat AM. I'm an early riser, but coming from the burbs, just give me a time.
  • Ken Whitesell (kwhitesell monlife com): Fri AM. I arrive Wed, and can also help out Thurs morn.
  • David Goodger (goodger python org): Thursday AM.
  • Terry Peppers (peppers gmail com): Thursday AM.
  • Kevin Boers (kevbo kevbo.us): Thursday AM.
  • Pam Zerbinos (pzerbinos gmail com): Thursday AM.
  • Roy H. Han (starsareblueandfaraway gmail com): Friday AM.
  • Brett Cannon (brett python.org): Thursday any time as needed, arriving Wednesday afternoon.
  • Reggie Dugard (rdugard gmail com): Thurs before tutorials and/or Friday, arriving Wed eve.
  • Michael Carter (CarterMichael@gmail.com): Fri AM / whatever other time thereafter that I'm needed

Swag bag stuffers

This will take place Wednesday evening and Thursday all day (morning to evening) in the Atrium (where the registration desk is).

Please include your name, your email address, and when you plan to help out, along with any notes (like when you get to the hotel). Thanks!

  • Sheila (see above)
  • Terry Peppers (see above)
  • Kevin Boers (see above)
  • Pam Zerbinos (see above)
  • Brett Cannon (see above)
  • Reggie Dugard (see above)
  • Kumar McMillan (kumar.mcmillan@gmail.com): Thursday afternoon

Electrical cord tapers / untapers

We'll be taping down power strips in the tutorial rooms on Wednesday evening, and in the ballrooms on Thursday (probably evening).

Please include your name, your email address, and when you plan to help out, along with any notes (like when you get to the hotel). Merci beaucoup!

  • Sheila (see above)

Last minute helper mob

We'll probably need people here and there to help out, if we can call you or sms message you, that would be great. Sign up by following the http://twitter.com/pyconvolunteers twitter channel. Calls for mob-like volunteer opportunities will go out as the need arises.

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