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How to build Python 2.7.5 using Visual Studio 2012 Express on Windows 8 64-bit



Prepare Environment

1. Create a directory to store the Python source tree and dependencies, I called mine python_build.

2. Download Python 2.7.5 source from and unzip it to python_build

3. Download and install an SVN command-line client (Try SlickSVN)

4. Download and install Perl64

5. Download and install Visual Studio Express 2012

Test Environment

1. Open a shell

2. Bring in the msvc compiler environment for x64 by doing:

3. Try running the svn client: 'svn --version':

4. Try running perl: 'perl --version'

Download dependencies

Use the buildbot tools to grab the external dependencies:

Patch External Dependencies



Compile External Dependencies

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