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Useful Modules, Packages and Libraries

The intent of this page is to list some of the most commonly used Python modules, in the hope that it will provide useful recommendations for other programmers (especially beginners). Remember that in addition to the listings below, there are other directories of Python modules - see PublishingPythonModules for details. Another collection of library details can be found on the Libraries page.

Be warned that this list is subjective by its very nature - it is only intended as a helpful guide. It is not definitive in any way, nor should it discourage developers from developing their own modules.

Standard Library Backports



Foreign Function Interface

Game Development

GIS (Geographic Information System)



Audio / Music

ID3 Handling

Image Manipulation

Indexing and Searching







The SciPy topical software page has a longer list.


RDF Processing


Standard Library Enhancements


System administration

Web Development

HTML Forms

HTML Parser


XML Processing

Flow Based Programming

Editorial Notes

Please avoid listing modules where...

If you do want to make people aware of a module, package or library (perhaps your own), consider submitting it to one or more of the directories mentioned in PublishingPythonModules, perhaps also adding it to the topic-specific part of this site (eg. WebProgramming, GuiProgramming).

Do list modules that:

Please provide a short description for each module. Try to put each module in the category that matches its "main" audience, since a module might fall into a number of categories.

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