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I am one of the core developers of the MoinMoin Python Wiki Engine (also used here).

I fell in love with wikis some years ago (and decided for MoinMoin, written by JürgenHermann, as it looked like the best engine at that time).

Soon I began hacking the MoinMoin code and thus fell in love with Python, too. I heard of Python before, but never had a deeper look as I didn't feel like learning "just another script language". Felt a bit dumb, though, after discovering what a clean, powerful and productive language it is and asked myself why I didn't discover that great language earlier. I coded in quite some different languages, but Python beats them all.

Meanwhile I avoid doing coding in any other language if it can be done in Python, too.


I usually hang around on #moin IRC channel on irc.freenode.net, so if you need any MoinMoin help, feel free to contact me there.

My (mostly german) wiki homepage is at ThomasWaldmann - there is also my email address.

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