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 * How not to be scary  * How not to be scary ([[https://gist.github.com/quisquous/5167417|transcription]])

Here were the talks that were accepted, in the order given. Please feel free to link to any content or resources applicable.

  • Teaching Open Source
  • Python Epistemology
  • IPython Notebook Doctest
  • Python for Adults
  • Ipython Notebook and ipythonblocks
  • How not to be scary (transcription)

  • Homework Automation

The following were the talks we didn't have time for. (If you want to contact the person who proposed those talks, please contact Naomi)

  • CheckI/O Peer based Python learning game environment
  • Tow Truck
  • Code Raising and Cone Mentors Boston
  • Python as a Social Hacking Tool
  • Open Ed Tools as a Basis for Revolution in Public Education
  • Using Project Euler in the Classrom

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