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||<style="border-bottom:1px dotted #000;"> Helper Python core development tools ||<style="border-bottom:1px dotted #000;"> Python, dev tools ||<style="border-bottom:1px dotted #000;">  || ||<style="border-bottom:1px dotted #000;"> Helper Python core development tools ||<style="border-bottom:1px dotted #000;"> Python, dev tools ||<style="border-bottom:1px dotted #000;"> [[http://unpythonic.blogspot.com/|Ali Afshar]] ||

This page coordinates the Google Summer of Code projects involving Python and mentored by the Python Software Foundation (PSF) in 2009.

The 2009 PSF SoC coordinator is ArcRiley <arcriley@gmail.com>. Contact him if you have any questions.

Prospective Students

If you are a student interested in working on core Python development or on a project that helps the Python community, we'd love to have you apply to the Python Software Foundation for this year's Google Summer of Code.

You should join the soc2009-general mailing list and take a look at the Project Ideas section below. If any interest you, feel free to contact the proposer for details. You can also discuss your own project ideas with the people mentioned or talk about them on the soc2009-general mailing list. Some of us also hang out on #gsoc-python on freenode.

Students should read SummerOfCode/Expectations to understand what is expected of them.

Project Ideas

These are project ideas proposed by mentors grouped roughly on the type of work it entails. Use the provided links for each for more information and contact the mentors interested in it.

Note: This list of project ideas is still in the process of being built. We hope to have a more-or-less complete set of ideas by Friday, March 20th, 2009.


Useful skills and experience


Core Python

Improve the 2to3 tool for better Python 3 migration

Python, Python3


3to2 tool for backporting Py3 code

Python, Python3


Extend subprocess module



Provide nose wrapper for core Python test framework



Improve C and Python test coverage for core

C, Python


Implement branch coverage recording for CPython

C, Python


Helper Python core development tools

Python, dev tools

Ali Afshar


Distutils test framework using PYPI. See this page

Python, Buildbot

Tarek Ziadé

Cython has a list of potential projects

Python, C


Sphinx has a list of potential projects as well -- contact #pocoo on freenode

Python, potentially HTML/JavaScript


Stackless Python has a list of potential projects

Python, C, C++

Richard Tew


Porting Crunchy to Python 3.0

Python, Python3, WSGI

André Roberge

Adapting RUR-PLE as a Crunchy plugin

Python, javascript

André Roberge


Accelerated soy.fields physics in PySoy

Python, C, liboil, ODE


Character animation in PySoy using GLSL

Python, C, OpenGL, Quaternion math


PyGame has their own ideas page

Python, C (varied)



Extracting matplotlib's mathematical expression renderer a standalone project



Adding an html5/canvas backend to matplotlib

Python, HTML5


NumPy and SciPy has a list of project ideas


SciPy/NumPy team

SymPy has a list of project ideas


SymPy team


Port figleaf to Python3



Integrate C coverage reporting into figleaf

C, Python


Pythoscope enhancements

Python, unit testing, code generation

Michał Kwiatkowski


Build suite of migration tools to help people move projects between forges like DrProject, SourceForge, Google Code, Trac, etc.

Python, Trac/SF/GC

Blake Winton, Greg Wilson, David Wolever

Plastex performance improvements and MathML extensions (so we can finally retire Latex2Html)

Python, LaTeX

Kevin D. Smith, Greg Wilson

Extend Pysync version control abstraction library to work with more VCS's and provide write access as well as read

Python, C, CVS/SVN/P4/Git/Hg/Bzr/etc.

Aran Donohue, Christian Muise, Greg Wilson

Build Python into BOINC/GridRepublic



Work on pygr

Python, bioinformatics


Mentor Instructions

We've setup /Incoming for mentors who find the above table intimidating to edit. You can still brave editing this page, just be careful.

Previous years

Related Organizations

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