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= Python Implementation of the Data Access Protocol =

(Roberto Antonio Ferreira De Almeida)

The Data Access Protocol (DAP) is a data transmission protocol
designed specifically for science data. The protocol relies on the
widely used HTTP and MIME standards, and provides data types to
accommodate gridded data, relational data, and time series, as well as
allowing users to define their own data types. The initiative is
funded by NASA, and counts with the support of several
institutions. Hundreds of scientific datasets are available on the
internet through DAP servers, which can be accessed remotely by DAP
clients in a transparent and efficient way. Here I propose to develop
a Python implementation of the protocol based on its latest
specification. The proposed implementation will consist of a client
module that will allow Python applications to access remote datasets,
as well as a server for data stored in a variety of formats commonly
used by the scientific community, including NetCDF and Matlab files.

Mentor: Paul DuBois.

= Interactive Comments & Annotation for the Python Standard Reference =

(Brian Beck)

A flexible system for comments and annotation on web pages, geared towards
the Python standard reference, using Ajax on the client-side and Python on
the server-side.

Mentors: Ian Bicking, Andrew Kuchling

= Bitten: A Python framework for collecting software metrics from automated builds =

(Christopher Lenz)
  mentors: gregwilson; trentm | = Bitten: A Python framework for collecting software metrics from automated builds = Today's auto

The goal of this work is to design and implementat of a distributed system for automated builds and continuous integration that allows the central collection and storage of software metrics generated during the build. The information collected this way needs to be structured and available in a machine-readable format, so that it can be analyzed, aggregated/correlated and presented after the build itself has completed.

Mentors: Greg Wilson, Trent Mick.

= A Program Visualization Tool =

(Tero Kuusela)

The goal is to write, in Python, a functional program visualization
tool that can visualize Python code. With the visualization tool, one
can write a program and see the execution visualized to help
understanding how the program works. This is especially useful to
assist students learning how to program.

Mentor: David Ascher.

= Object-Oriented File System Virtualisation =

(Adam Kerz)

Create an object oriented model of a file system in Python that can be used to interface many different resource types (with appropriate implementations).

Mentor: Trent Mick.

= Wax GUI for Python =

(Abhishek Reddy)

Wax requires work on four broad fronts. Firstly, support for several
basic controls need to be added, some of which are listed
above. Secondly, the design of the whole module has to be reviewed,
particularly focusing on the initialisation. Thirdly, there are
teething problems with passing data between Wax and wxPython that must
be looked at. Fourthly, documentation, presently lacking, needs to be

Mentor: Hans Nowak

= PyTrails =

(Jennifer Dozar)

I'm working on an extensible opensource engine for implementing
trail-style games such as Oregon Trail or Amazon Trail. The primary
goal is to produce a quality edutainment title that can be used free
of cost. The secondary goal is to make it easy for other edutainment
trail games to be created. PyTrails will be Python based and uses
PyGame. The engine will allow following a branching map including
making stops to rest, hunt, or trade. Additional choices such as
shopping and fording rivers may be available at special points. Each
of these activities will be replacable in other trail games as to
allow for maximum flexibility.

Mentors: Cameron Laird, Andrew Kuchling

= mmpy -- A garbage collection tool kit in Python =

(Carl Friedrich Bolz)

The project aims at producing a framework for writing and
evaluating garbage collectors in Python. The interfaces to
the low level memory and to the object model will be general
enough to make it usable for a wide range of projects in
need for garbage collection as well as for teaching and
research purposes. It will be designed with flexibility and
modularity in mind to encourage component reuse. It aims a
being directly useful for the PyPy project and translatable
by its translation tools.

Mentors: Samuele Pedroni, Armin Rigo

= Python to C++ translator =

(Mark Dufour)

As part of my Master's Thesis, I am working on a
Python-to-C++ compilation system.

Mentors: Jeremy Hylton, Brett Cannon

= Mailbox modification =

(Gregory K. Johnson)

I propose to rewrite the Python library's mailbox module to support
mailbox modification. I would extend the module's API (e.g., mailboxes
would sport dictionary-like mapping) and enhance certain existing
functionality (e.g., message objects would maintain
mailbox-format-specific attributes). Full backward compatibility would
be maintained.

Mentor: Andrew Kuchling

= Memory Profiler =

(Nick Smallbone)

I would like to apply to work over the summer on a Python memory
profiler, as listed at CodingProjectIdeas.

To see how much work is involved in this, I've put together a
prototype, which tries to enumerate all objects from a root,
calculating the size of each object it finds.

Mentors: Michael Hudson, Jeremy Hylton

= Python Bayesian Network Toolbox =

(Elliot Cohen)

Understanding about Bayesian Belief Networks and use of them is
becoming more and more widespread. As understanding develops and
spreads out of the research community, there is greater and greater
need for a simple to use efficient open source Bayesian Network
Toolbox. Bayesian Networks have been used to study a wide array of
different areas including, ecological systems, medical diagnoses and
financial modeling, among others. Currently, tools to define and use
Bayesian Networks are limited to expensive closed source libraries or
open source libraries designed for too specific a domain. One package
that does support many varieties of Bayesian Networks is Kevin
Murphy's Full BNT, which supports both discrete and continuous
probability distributions in static and dynamic Bayesian Networks.

Mentor: James Tauber

= asyncIO =

(Vladimir Sukhoy)

The proposed goal is to bring cross-platform proactive I/O
capabilities to Python. That will enable whole new style of
application development with Python in cases when I/O is a bottleneck.

Mentor: Mark Hammond?

= Interactive Python Notebook =

(Toni Alatalo)

See <http://ipython.scipy.org/google_soc/ipnb_google_soc.pdf>.

Mentor: Fernando Perez

= Porting _sre.c and arraymodule.c to Python =

(Niklaus Haldimann)

I would like to create a port of the standard library modules "_sre" and "array" to pure Python. This will benefit alternative Python implementations like PyPy, Jython and IronPython. These projects all have to provide their own implementations of standard library modules written in C if they're not available in pure Python.

Mentors: Armin Rigo, Samuele Pedroni

= Python Profile Replacement Project =

(Floris Bruynooghe)

Idea from ProfileReplacementProject page.

The current profiler is not free according to the DFSG (Debian Free
Software Guidelines) and has been taken out of the main Debian
distribution (bug #293932, http://bugs.debian.org/293932). This
affects many users as the profiler is integrated into ipython for
example[1]. Patches for these programs to run without the profiler
have been incorporated, but this is only patchwork and ipython or one
lost previously standard functionality.

Mentors: Brett Cannon

= Wax =

(Jason Gedge)

This project consists of updating the Wax library for Python. Code
will be updated, or even added, to further develop the Wax
library. Also, a primary focus will be that of documentation, which
Wax currently lacks.

Mentors: Hans Nowak

= Data Serving/Collection Framework in Python/WSGI =

(Ho Chun Wei)

A framework based on bulk data serving/collection via the
internet. Bulk data are in the form of files that could easily be
several hundred MB (not surveys or simple POST data).

The client has a file repository that it wishes to sync to the server
(a WSGI application). This server should be able to facilitate
transfer via a number of protocols, including HTTP file transfer, HTTP
form upload, FTP, Email.

This project is aimed not at yet another ad-hoc file transfer or p2p
file-sharing program but as a persistent production setup for
transferring data from data collection sites/areas to a server,
possibly via internet through different methods to get through strict
organizational firewalls and web admins.

Mentors: Ian Bicking

= A Mathematica-like Notebook GUI for IPython =

(Tzanko Matev)

I propose to write a GUI for IPython resembling the
interfaces of the computer algebra applications Mathematica
and Maple.

Mentor: Fernando Perez

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