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  [[BR]](assigned: tismer [he owns the domain!])   [[BR]][assigned: tismer (he owns the domain!)]

Starship Python is Moving!

On September 1, 2003, the machine that has been hosting Starship Python (courtesy of Zope Corporation) will be shutdown. Consequently, Starship is being transferred to a new machine, kindly provided by Stefan Drees. This page exists so the Starship admins can keep track of what tasks have to be done, what tasks have been done, and who's taking care of what. Also, the Starship user community can track the progress of the transfer here.

If you're a Starship admin, feel free to update this page. Otherwise, please email webmaster@python.net if you want to add stuff to our to-do list.

Tasks for old Starship

  • determine disk usage patterns (ie. who're the hogs, what directories are biggest)
  • browbeat disk space hogs into cleaning up
  • cleanup disks to prep for backup (DVD burn)

Tasks for new Starship

  • upgrade to Debian 'testing' (sarge)

    BR[done: sdrees 2003/08/07]

  • give the machine a proper hostname

    BR(will have to be in python2.net domain for now; once DNS service is transferred to a new provider, we can give it a python.net name -- anything but starship.python.net, of course!)

  • get email services working

    BR(hmmm: testing this stuff will require have at least one real user on the system. I guess I'll create a temporary throwaway account rather than transfer real data over yet.)

    • install Exim 4 packages (critical path) BR(from unstable? or are they in testing yet?) BR(tismer says: use exim-tls -- but is that necessary with the new exim4 packages? BR[assigned: gward]

    • configure/test Exim (critical path) BR[assigned: gward]

    • install Courier (critical path? ask crew)

      BR(SSL daemon only) (IMAP only? or POP too?) BR[assigned: gward]

    • configure/test Courier

      BR[assigned: gward]

  • web services
    • install, configure, and test Apache (critical path) BR(with mod-proxy, mod-rewrite, and mod-ssl, please!)

    • install, configure, and test Zope (not critical path) BR(Zope 2.7 preferable; note that Debian testing has Zope 2.6.1)

  • install, configure, and test ProFTPd (critical path)

  • install, configure, and test Mailman (critical path)

Tasks for python.net DNS

  • find/select a good DNS provider (critical path) BR(sdrees uses schlundtechnologies.com and has no complaints about it) BR(gward uses dyndns.org and has no complaints about it)

  • transfer python.net domain to new DNS provider (critical path) BR(currently the DNS servers are at zope.com/baymountain.com, and Starship admins cannot edit the python.net DNS records) BR[assigned: tismer (he owns the domain!)]

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