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Clear message

These are straightforward, finite-effort coding projects.


The Py_VISIT() macro in objimpl.h was introduced to make coding of most tp_traverse slots straightforward, uniform, and obviously correct. For example, see cycle_traverse() in itertoolsmodule.c. Most older modules that define tp_traverse copy/paste/edit the tedious callback dance by hand, and several even define their own work-alike macros. These should be rewritten to use the standard Py_VISIT macro.

Cleanup compiler warnings with icc

There are many 64-bit warnings produced by icc when using the -Wp64 flag. icc is freely available for a one month trial license. NealNorwitz has a license and can make the warnings available on the web if anyone is interest in getting rid of these warnings.

Make modules Py_ssize_t clean

Some modules don't use Py_ssize_t. They need a code review. Any module which declares an int (rather than a Py_ssize_t) for size and passes its address to PyArgs_ParseTuple(args, "s#", &str, &size) needs to be updated. An example of a module that has already been updated is Modules/_codecsmodule.c

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