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In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.

[DIFF] 13:32 [INFO] RichardJarvis new release
[DIFF] 03:09 [INFO] NickCoghlan
[DIFF] 11:31 [INFO] Ed Schofield
[DIFF] 17:38 [INFO] TerriOda [1-2]
[DIFF] 22:43 [INFO] TordDellsen Added pytest + pytest-qt as an alternative
[DIFF] 23:57 [INFO] dvs1 [1-3] #01 added searx
#02 alphabetized some entries; the previous edit added Socialhome
[DIFF] 13:29 [INFO] TosinAnimashaun Added two PyCon events (PyConNG and PyConZim) organized in the African continent
[DIFF] 03:37 [INFO] GavinJackson
[DIFF] 03:24 [INFO] SudipKafle Add website for Python User Group Nepal.
[DIFF] 22:43 [INFO] dvs1 added qutebrowser

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