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== Zope security ==


 * Sandboxing
 * Object proxies

Notes about Python Security.

Zope security


  • Sandboxing
  • Object proxies

Taint mode

Nicole King (cats-muvva.net) wrote a taint mode for CPython 3.0: Python Taint Management.


  • amaury: The patch is indeed huge!

  • fijall: it seems that every function that returns a PyObject must be modified

  • fijall: need to patch (...) all places that might modify anything. (All side effects)

=> ncoghlan: PyPy is still a *much* better platform for that kind of experimentation than CPython

See also the presentation: Securing Python: Controling the abilities of the interpreter, PyCon US 2007, Brett Cannon and Eric Wohlstadter

Related issue: Taint a la Perl?.

Python Security Response Team

Some members:

  • Brett Cannon

Email: security AT python.org

Controlling Access to Resources Within The Python Interpreter


  • PyPy project: PyPy's sandboxing features.

  • CapPython is an object-capability subset of Python, inspired by Joe-E and Caja/Cajita, which are object-capability subsets of Java and Javascript respectively.

Unsafe modules


Victor Stinner wrote a fuzzer called Fusil to test Python. It already helped to fix many bugs. fusil-python works on Python 2.4 .. 3.0.

Fusil was also used on PyPy (Finding Bugs in PyPy with a Fuzzer).

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