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Wikis are great - especially after having read the help. 8)


[DIFF] 21:42 [INFO] GeneWood Fixing example "license" value which is not a valid SPDX license identifier ( enses/ )
[DIFF] 21:38 [INFO] rosuav
[DIFF] 16:40 [INFO] NatDunn
[CONFLICT] 16:37 [INFO] NatDunn [1-3]
[DIFF] 12:53 [INFO] Andrea Nozze Errore ortografico.
[DIFF] 07:53 [INFO] PacktPublishing
[DIFF] 07:48 [INFO] PacktPublishing
[DIFF] 07:39 [INFO] MarcAndreLemburg Move tutorial listings of pythonspot and pythonguru to the end of the list after seeing them being in violation with what we expect of entries on this page. Also clarified that we don't want spammers.
[DIFF] 04:14 [INFO] AlastairHughes Rewrite, add notes for building python statically, add example for building in modules - tested with Python 3.5.2, although I'm adding a few extra flags which should not matter
[DIFF] 16:53 [INFO] Viren Parmar
[DIFF] 10:04 [INFO] tkadm30 Update django-hotsauce to 0.6.0
[DIFF] 00:58 [INFO] ayztj
[DIFF] 10:22 [INFO] tkadm30 [1-2] #01 minor modifications
#02 minor modifications
[DIFF] 10:12 [INFO] tkadm30 Add comment about epoll support


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