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WikiWiki = hawaiian for "quick".


[DIFF] 23:09 [INFO] rosuav
[DIFF] 12:42 [INFO] berkerpeksag
[DIFF] 09:40 [INFO] TordDellsen ZetCode's PyQT5 tutorial
[DIFF] 19:13 [INFO] JuhaKoskelainen [1-2] #01 Update version and release date of webapp2
#02 Update versions and release dates (of Django, Turbogears, django-hotsauce, Zope2, watson-framework, Werkzeug, CherryPy, Flask, Pyramid, Nevow, & Growler).
[DIFF] 17:34 [INFO] mbussonn
[DIFF] 10:36 [INFO] tkadm30 misc modifications
[DIFF] 10:04 [INFO] tkadm30 misc modifications
[DIFF] 08:40 [INFO] PacktPublishing Mastering Natural Language Processing with Python
[DIFF] 13:42 [INFO] tkadm30 misc modifications


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