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Clear message

Hello there. I'm mostly lurker here, but after some attempts to contact someone in charge of this wiki through different means, I finally decided to try the most straightforward approach and just write the message here.

This wiki's theme is a custom work, made to fit the rest of website. Unfortunately, the theme was made some time ago, for an older version of MoinMoin and in the mean time there wer some changes... That's why when the Europython guys wanted to use that theme, I made a new version, also using the graphics from the site, but basic the theme on one of the default MoinMoin themes which are updated together with MoinMoin. You can see the theme in action at and you can get it at if you want to use it for this wiki. We are always very happy to help on the #moin channel on freenode. -- 2009-06-20 04:05:04

I've sent a mail to the Pydotorg mailing list telling the members about this offer. -- PaulBoddie 2009-06-21 20:58:56


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