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Clear message

Here we develop some ideas for enhancements or changes to the site. As ideas get clearer we may add them to the tickets.

1. Create a visual distinction (diff color/size/etc.) between the "site title" (The Official Python Programming Language Website) and the first heading (What is Python?). - ToddG

2. Any chance of moving the "Using Python for..." box farther up the page? I think that will be a high-traffic link[s], and not just cause I mentioned it a year or two ago ;-) . - ToddG

3. No specific suggestion, just a pointer for some ideas: - Shalabh

4. The current site has too much emphasis on Zope. -Shalabh

5. Try this experiment - how much text on how many pages does a new user have to read to find out that the Cheese Shop and Vaults of Parnassus are the two main repositories of contributed software. Contributed software is one of *the* most useful resources. - Shalabh

6. The Download > Contributed Software link tells me 'How to Contribute Software'. -Shalabh

7. The Success Stories page repeats stories to make it big. Also the organization is unclear - it starts out alphabetical but it's not really. Or maybe that's because different header styles look identical. Just a simple list would be easier to browse. -Shalabh

8. I like the content of the front page, but I think most of it should be moved to the About page. Once read by a first timer it has not much use and people really want to see what is happening now. So the news should be moved up. -Shalabh

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