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When a new Python release nears, activity on the python-dev mailing list accelerates as people try to track down and fix bugs that have eluded previous efforts. Some of the most difficult bug fixes to test are for relatively minor platforms, because most of the people on the python-dev list have run-of-the-mill computing environments.

Here's your chance to help. If you would be able to help test Python on non-mainstream platforms, add a row to the table below. The definition of "mainstream" is obviously vague, but includes old versions various Linux distributions (e.g., Red Hat 6.2), Unix distributions which have fallen out of favor (e.g., IRIX) and any non-Unix platform other than Windows.


Platforms Available



Mac OS X

<skip AT pobox DOT com>


RH 7.2, Mac OS X

mwh at


RH 7.3, RH 9.0

fdrake at


RH 7.3, RH 9.0, Mac OS X

barry at


RH 6.2/Alpha, RH 8.0, RH 9.0, Solaris 8, AIX 4.2.1, 4.3.1, 4.3.3, HPUX 11, IRIX 6.5, Tru64 5.0, 5.1

neal at

Kurt B. Kaiser

RH 6.0 ++ /i386, OpenBSD Current, Debian Sid, Win98

kbk att shore net


Solaris 8, Solaris 9, Tru64 4.0F, Tru64 5.1, FreeBSD 4.8

mark dot favas at csiro dot au


Any downloadable Linux/FreeBSD, Mac OS X

jordan at


FreeBSD 4.8, FreeBSD 5.1

pieterb att


OpenBSD -current (i386, sparc64)

aleksander.piotrowski at nic dot com dot pl


Irix 6.5.x - SGI Linux (Itanium) Propack 2.2.x

tzot at sil-tec dot gr


FreeBSD internal machines

perky at


Sparc, Solaris10, Ubuntu8.04, Ubuntu8.10, IRIS, RISC, BSD, MAC OSX, System5, UNIX

lajjr at yahoo dot com

There are also test farms that people can use. Here are some:


Platforms Available

URL for info

HP Test Drive

CPUs (Alpha, Itanium, PA-RISC, StrongARM, x86) OSes (*BSD, HP-UX, Linux, OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX)

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