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PSF Fellow Nominations

We are currently adopting a new process for PSF Fellow nominations, outlined in the PythonSoftwareFoundation/Proposals/FellowshipRecognitionProgram proposal.

Until we have finalized and put the proposal into action, please add your PSF Fellow nominations on this page, using the format described in the proposal:


Please add new nominations here and also post them to the psf-members mailing list.

Example Entry: Joe User

I, John Doe, propose that Joe User be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community as a co-founder of the PyCon Foobar regional conference, a lead organizer for the 2011 and 2012 editions of the Marsian Python community's flagship Python conference, MarsPython and as a long-term contributor to international collaborative efforts amongst the Marsian Python community.

Brian Ray

I, Don Sheu, propose that Brian Ray founder of Chicago Python user group is recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community of organizing one of the oldest and largest user groups in the world for over 12 years. Chicago Python ("ChiPy") has fostered such important contributors to Python and computer science like Aaron Swartz the creator of RSS and founder of Reddit, Adrian Holovaty the creator of Django, Mike Cafarella creator of Hadoop, John Hunter creator of MatPlotLib, and Harper Reed the CTO for the Obama for America campaign and credited with winning the 2012 election. Brian has also contributed to and launched open source and free software projects.

Dusty Phillips

I, Don Sheu, propose that Dusty Phillips author of Python 3 Object Oriented Programming and Production Engineer at Facebook is recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. In addition to his significant contributions as an author of high quality books on Python subjects, Dusty founded Puget Sound Programming Python ("PuPPy") in August 2014. In less than a year, PuPPy has attracted nearly 1000 members and holds monthly meetings that draw over 100. The most recent meeting in June hosted by Google drew attendance of over 170. Dusty booked speakers like Larry Hastings, Lukasz Langa, Jack Diederich, Carlos Guestrin, and several founders of successful Python-using Seattle startups.

Peter Inglesby

Peter has served the UK Python community through his extraordinary efforts to ensure the continuity of the PyCon UK conference. Under his tenure, the size of the conference has grown continuously as has the team of voluntary organisers.

His leadership has ensured the longevity of the event and the continued existence and improvement of a vital event in the life of the UK Python community.

- Nominated by Own Campbell May 2017

Daniele Procida

Daniele has served the Python community through his sustained contributions to PyCon and DjangoCon conferences around the world as an organiser, speaker, mentor and teacher.

As the conference director for PyCon UK, he has overseen continuous growth in participation and has used that experience to help other conferences in their efforts to bring Python to a wider audience. A notable example is his work over three years to organise, establish and nurture PyCon Namibia to the point where it is now self-sustaining.

Daniele is a member of the Django Software Foundation board and one of the leading members of the Python community in Cardiff. After organising the first Django conference in the UK in Cardiff in 2014 he not only went on to organise DjangoCon Europe 2015 but also is a founding member of the Cardiff Python user group meetup (PyDiff) which has grown to be an event regularly hosting 30 attendees.

His commitment to nurturing beginner programmers and inexperienced conference speakers has been exemplary and he is a vocal champion of diversity and the support of minority communities at Python events.

As a mentor and teacher, Daniele has helped many programmers make their first contribution to open source software through his well regarded "Don't be afraid to commit" tutorial.

Daniele has become one of the premier PyCon organisers on an international scale and, whenever he is the conference chair, the event is diverse, welcoming, well-organised and educational for all. Many are members of the Python community simply as a result of his commitment and effort.

- Nominated by Own Campbell May 2017

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