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PSF Fellow Nominations

We are currently adopting a new process for PSF Fellow nominations, outlined in the PythonSoftwareFoundation/Proposals/FellowshipRecognitionProgram proposal.

Until we have finalized and put the proposal into action, please add your PSF Fellow nominations on this page, using the format described in the proposal:


Please add new nominations here and also post them to the psf-members mailing list.

Example Entry: Joe User

I, John Doe, propose that Joe User be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community as a co-founder of the PyCon Foobar regional conference, a lead organizer for the 2011 and 2012 editions of the Marsian Python community's flagship Python conference, MarsPython and as a long-term contributor to international collaborative efforts amongst the Marsian Python community.

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