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=== Regis da Silva Santos ===
I Bruno Rocha, propose the nomination of Regis da Silva Santos[1] to be recognized as a PSF Fellow.

São Paulo is the biggest city of Latin America and the largest part of Brazilian Python Developers and companies are located here.

Along the last 3 years, Regis has dedicated almost full-time to organize local community events (all non-profit) and to promote Python language on companies and education institutes.

Here is a list of his remarkable activities:

- Current Organizer of GruPy-SP (Sao Paulo Python User Group)
   A group of 4.5k Python Developers running weekly/montly meetups and tutorials

- Idealizer and organizer of FS2W (Full Stack Web Workshops)
  A free training program to teach Python and all related web technologies on
  companies and universities.
  FS2W program has trained over 500 people on more than 10 workshops as you can check in
  the following slides (with photos)

- Regis offers support for many local groups and is a dedicated Python/Django developer
  and also one of the volunteers of the PythonSudeste 2018 Conference.

PSF Fellow Nominations

PSF Fellow Nominations are added to this page. Please send your nomination to psf-fellow@python.org.

More info about the nomination process can be found here: https://www.python.org/psf/fellows/


Please add new nominations here and also post them to the psf-members mailing list.

Example Entry: Joe User

I, John Doe, propose that Joe User be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community as a co-founder of the PyCon Foobar regional conference, a lead organizer for the 2011 and 2012 editions of the Marsian Python community's flagship Python conference, MarsPython and as a long-term contributor to international collaborative efforts amongst the Marsian Python community.

2017 Q4 Nominations

Juan Luis Cano

(Spain) Python in Aeronautics and Community

  • 2012 - Started Pybonacci, the first blog on Scientific Python in Spanish language
  • 2012-2017 - Supported the creation of a Spanish-speaking version of Stack Overflow and contributed Python questions and answers after its launch
  • 2012 - Proposed the founding members of the Python Spain non-profit and helped creating it and writing its bylaws
  • 2012 - Started the organization of the first PyCon in Spain, with the support of the PSF and Lynn Root as keynoter

  • 2013-2015 - Published and developed scikit-aero, a novel, pure Python package to compute thermodynamical properties of the standard atmosphere and isoentropic flows
  • 2013-Present - Published and developed poliastro, the most widely used pure Python package for Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics, which has been used to prepare undergraduate courses in at least one university outside Spain and has received direct funding from the European Space Agency
  • 2013 - Helped organize the first PyCon in Spain, with around 300 attendees, 3 tracks (including one scientific track) and all its videos available free of charge on YouTube

  • 2014 - Recorded the first video course on Scientific Python in Spanish available free of charge, which reached the iTunes Top 3 right after its publication and has since then been viewed by almost 50 000 people around the world.
  • 2014-Present - Coordinated or co-organized the second to fifth editions of PyCon Spain, with a steady year-over-year growth in attendance, diversity, and revenue, always with the support of the PSF

  • 2014-2016 and 2016-Present - Chair of the Python Spain non-profit
  • 2014 - Created the first Python course for Aerospace engineers in Spanish available free of charge, which has since been used in half a dozen universities all around Spain and other countries
  • 2014-2016 - Co-organized a group of Aerospace engineering students to teach Python courses and give short talks about personal projects
  • 2015 - Attended the first SciPy Latin America as a keynote speaker, which included outreach activities with teenagers, among other conferences (Python Sweden, PyData London)

  • 2016 - Presented poliastro at the International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques, organized by the European Space Agency, as well as the suitability of Python for implementing complex mathematical algorithms and the need to follow software engineering good practices in engineering companies, inspired by the rich ecosystem of Python open source scientific libraries
  • 2017 - Published its final Masters project, "Study of analytical solutions for low-thrust trajectories" along all the companion Python scripts, on GitHub

  • 2017 - Closed the fifth PyCon Spain with a keynote on open source sustainability, with specific examples from the Python community

  • November 2017 - Presented poliastro at the first Open Source Cubesat Workshop, organized by the European Space Agency, as well as the need to formalize software validation techniques for scientific algorithms

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Andy Dirnberger

I, Jon Banafato, nominate Andy Dirnberger to be recognized as a Python Software Foundation Fellow. He works tirelessly to support the Python community in New York City, serving as an organizer for local meetups (most notably NYC Python [1]) since 2012 and the co-chair of PyGotham [2] since 2014. During this time, he was instrumental in growing NYC Python to over 10,000 members and PyGotham to nearly 550 checked-in attendees in 2017. His continued efforts are often behind the scenes, ensuring that events run smoothly and that any issues are resolved with minimal impact to the events and attendees. Andy not only improves the community through his work, he also pushes the other organizers around him to be better as well.

Mario Corchero

(Spain) PyCon ES organizer, advocate for Python in corporate settings.

  • Lead the organization team of PyConES17
  • Helping organise Startup Row in London and New York.
  • Organiser of Bloomberg (internal only so far 😕) Python Meetups. 100 attendees every month for more than a year and a half. (including video conferencing) some articles in opensource.com trying to help out understand datetime/logging.
  • talks in PyConUS, EuroPython, Fosdem, PyConES and PyConUK.

  • Advocate for Python in the Bloomberg Python community (tutorials, training to new hires, etc).

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Mabel Delgado

(Spain)Tireless worker for Python in Spain

  • Co-Founder of PyLadies Madrid -->Started the group as organizer with Claudia Guirao as co-organizer.

  • Collaborator of PyConES 2017 Cáceres -->

  • visible head of the "diversity program" that we did to increase the number of speakers of minority groups. Significantly increased in the number of women speakers and women attendees with respect to previous editions.
  • helped in several tasks during the weekend of the event (reception and registration, session runner, session chair...).
  • Organizing the Django Girls workshop associated to the event along with Maria Medina (more details below)
  • Co-Organizer of Django Girls Cáceres --> as a part of PyConEs 2017. It has been the biggest Django Girls event celebrated in Spain (almost 45 attendes and 15 coaches).

  • AeroPython --> member of AeroPython. This group was created by Juan Luis Cano and Alejandro Sáez, and it spreads the use of python between the students and graduates of enginnering and science degrees. Giving courses in Universities and maintain some notebooks that teach scientifics packages of Python.

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Mai Giménez

(Spain) Because beautiful is better than ugly

  • Organizing team of the PyConES from 2015.
  • Actively organizing the meetups of my local community PythonVLC.
  • Board member of in the Python Spanish Association, as a spokesperson for Universities (2015-2017).
  • As a graphic designer, in charge of the PyConES branding for the last two years, because beautiful is better than ugly :).
  • Created the graphic design of the PyLadiesES and this DjangoGirls 2017.

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Yamila Moreno

(Spain) Single-handly created PyConES, active in all areas, respected leader.


organizing python events:

  • PyConES 2013 (first PyConES)
  • Python Madrid Meetup 2012 - ~2015
  • DjangoGirls Valencia 2015

  • Creating PyLadies Spain

  • Contributing to the system administration of the Python Spain infrastructure (servers, static blog)


coordinating others

  • tresaurer of Python Spain (co-coordinating all the events in Spain: PyConES, PyDay, DjangoGirls)

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Mário Sergio Queiroz

(Brazil) Dedicated to building community in Brazil

  • Responsible for the Python Brasil[12] Conference in the year 2016 in the city of Florianópolis. 6-day event for 700 people with tutorials, lectures and sprints. Python *
  • Brazil[12] had a historical inclusion index, with 42% of lectures given by women.
  • Coordinator of the first Django Girls in Florianópolis/Brazil. With 60 participants and 30 tutors.
  • Organizer of 24 monthly meetups from the Python Floripa community, the last meetings reach the number of more than 100 participants. The focus of these meetings is the inclusion of new people in the community and the promotion of networking between businesses and individuals.
  • Co-founder of the PyLadies Floripa group (PyLadies Group of the city of Florianópolis).

  • Active member of the Python Brazil Association.
  • Member of the Grupy-DF community, where he organized meetings in the federal capital of Brazil.
  • Co-founder and responsible for the regional conference of southern Brazil. The ‘Python Sul Conference’.
  • In the year 2017 he has been teaching several Python workshops in colleges where there are low-income students in peripheral regions.

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Fernando Masanori Ashkinaga

(Brazil) Global Python educator and diversity advocate

  • Creator of a MOOC Python para Zumbis (Python for Zombies) which has taught over 70,000 students basic Python.
  • Global diversity speaker and advocate - speaking on diversity from Japan to Namibia
  • PyLadies supporter - key supporter of PyLadies São Paulo and other chapters throughout Brazil, countless workshops for PyLadies events

  • Data Scraping in Python workshops for journalists and people from humanities backgrounds (esp women and minorities)
  • Support of increased racial and LGBT diversity
  • Active member of PSF grants working group.
  • Spends virtually every weekend teaching Python to someone, somewhere

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Chukwudi Nwachukwu

(Nigeria)Leader of Nigerian Python Community

  • President of Python Nigeria
  • Helped in raising funds from local sponsors for PyCon NG and a Django Girls events

  • Helps in organizing events, both past and present, including, PyCon and Python Nigeria meet ups

  • Active member of PSF Grants Working group
  • Monitor of Nigerian Python Slack and email lists
  • Coach and supporter of numerous Nigerian Django Girls; Mentors private people on Python
  • Helped in fixing people in Python related jobs in Nigeria
  • Advocate for Python in Nigeria since 2013; Encourage people to start doing Python and Python related things
  • Mediate in issues to resolve conflicts in the community
  • Attends to the needs of Nigerian Python community, anywhere, any day, any time

Nominated by Naomi Ceder

Don Sheu

I would like to propose Don Sheu as a fellow of the PSF. Don has been one of the core coordinator of Startup Row at PyCon since 2014 and he is the founder of the Seattle Python user group.

In his role with the Startup Row, he has traveled to nearly a dozen cities to coordinate pitch nights, he has spent countless hours reaching out to young companies, potential judges, and reviewing applications. He has demonstrated diligence and availability to help selected companies arrange their trip to PyCon and get the most of the experience in the expo hall.

In his role as the founder of the Seattle Python User Group, he has reached out to numerous speakers, secured sponsorship agreements with local Python-using companies, and trained a team of a dozen co-organizers. The Seattle Python user group features an active community of 4500 members on Meetup.com. Bi-monthly meetups and project nights are routinely attended by over 150 members, which is largely thanks to Don's dedication in fostering this community that did not exist as recently as 5 years ago.

On top of the above, Don has been one of the instigator and is actively involved with PyCascades, a local conference targeting the Pacific Northwest of North America and that is well on it's way to have it's inaugural event in January 2017.

In light of these accomplishments and sustained dedication to fostering a strong Python community in Seattle and beyond, I would like Don to be considered as a fellow member of the PSF.

Nominated by Yannick Gingras

Donald Stufft

I, Nick Coghlan, propose that Donald Stufft be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community as the founder of the Warehouse project to modernise the Python Package Index infrastructure, the current lead maintainer for both pypi.python.org and pypi.org, prolific contributor to the Python packaging tools ecosystem, and co-creator and maintainer of the ensurepip module in the Python standard library.

Piotr Dyba

I, Agata Skamruk (Bublewicz), propose that Piotr Dyba be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community. Peter is a organizer and mentor at the cyclical Pyladies workshop and a organizer and meta mentor at the weekend workshop. Has experience in Python projects, both in work and in social work.

Russell Keith-Magee

I, Katie McLaughlin, propose that Russell Keith-Magee be recognised as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community as, and not limited to:

  • 12 year (and counting) veteran of the Django core development team
  • 5 years (2011-2015) President of the Django Software Foundation
  • 5 years (2013-2017, and counting) Core Organiser of DjangoCon AU

  • Significant contributions to the implementation of CPython on mobile
  • BDFN (2013-present) of BeeWare, which on top of its technical goal of providing Python on all the platforms, serves as an incubator for first time FOSS/Python contributors

  • recipient of the 2015 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize

Cristoph Gohlke

I, Martin Gfeller, like to nominate Cristoph Gohlke (http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/) of Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, University of California, Irvine as PSF fellow. Christoph's repository of compiled Python packages (http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/) makes using Python on the Windows 64-bit much easier, and feasible for those without compiling skills. This contribution to the ecosystem shows technical excellence and dedication to keep all packages up to date. By making Python 3 version of packages available since quite some time, he also helped transition to Python 3 for Windows users. I believe his work is widely used, but not widely acclaimed, so in my opinion, he deserves recognition for this very valuable service. I had never a need to contact him, because the latest packages are always compiled and already there as soon as I have a need.

Manuel Kaufmann

I, Johanna Sanchez, propose Manuel Kaufmann to be recognized as Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python communities in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) with the project Argentina in Python (https://argentinaenpython.com).

Manuel Kaufmann has organized more than 50 events to promote and share knowledge about Python programming at different audience levels from beginner to advanced. Some of these events are registered in the "Past Events" section (https://argentinaenpython.com/eventos/#eventos-pasados). Within these spaces it has taken into account the inclusion of women in technology, organizing more than 15 Django Girls workshops throughout all Latin America. Gallery with a lot of pictures from most of all his events: - https://argentinaenpython.com/galeria/ Blog post written by others about his latest participation in events:- http://blog.djangogirls.org/post/165656387217/this-blog-post-was-written-by-jorge-namour-thank, - http://pybaq.co/blog/como-fue-organizar-primer-django-girls-barranquilla/ He is currently supporting the organizers of PyCon Colombia 2018 as a collaborator and nexus with the PSF as sponsor. - https://www.pycon.co Finally, has been invited to participate as Keynote Speaker in PyCon Spain 2016 (https://youtu.be/e0500NDu2tA) and will soon be in PyCon Brazil 2017.

Second nomination:

I, Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos propose that Manuel Kauffman be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community in Latin America as a co-founder of the Argentina en Python Project (argentinaenpython.com/), and as a long-term contributor to international collaborative efforts amongst the Colombian Python community, via the Python Colombia and Django Girls Colombia communities.

Third nomination:

I, Lucio Delelis, would like to nominate Manuel "humitos" Kaufmann as a Fellow of the PSF for his incredible contribution to spreading the use and knowledge of Python in all of Latin America. Manuel started his journey through Argentina in 2014 with the goal of promoting the use of Python and Free Software across the country. Finally, after 2015, he set his goal higher: to promote both these concepts across all Latin America. His journey is being documented on his website: https://argentinaenpython.com

2017 Q3 Nominations

Brian Ray

I, Don Sheu, propose that Brian Ray founder of Chicago Python user group is recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, due to his significant contributions to the Python community of organizing one of the oldest and largest user groups in the world for over 12 years. Chicago Python ("ChiPy") has fostered such important contributors to Python and computer science like Aaron Swartz the creator of RSS and founder of Reddit, Adrian Holovaty the creator of Django, Mike Cafarella creator of Hadoop, John Hunter creator of MatPlotLib, and Harper Reed the CTO for the Obama for America campaign and credited with winning the 2012 election. Brian has also contributed to and launched open source and free software projects.

Dusty Phillips

I, Don Sheu, propose that Dusty Phillips author of Python 3 Object Oriented Programming and Production Engineer at Facebook is recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. In addition to his significant contributions as an author of high quality books on Python subjects, Dusty founded Puget Sound Programming Python ("PuPPy") in August 2014. In less than a year, PuPPy has attracted nearly 1000 members and holds monthly meetings that draw over 100. The most recent meeting in June hosted by Google drew attendance of over 170. Dusty booked speakers like Larry Hastings, Lukasz Langa, Jack Diederich, Carlos Guestrin, and several founders of successful Python-using Seattle startups.

Peter Inglesby

Peter has served the UK Python community through his extraordinary efforts to ensure the continuity of the PyCon UK conference. Under his tenure, the size of the conference has grown continuously as has the team of voluntary organisers.

His leadership has ensured the longevity of the event and the continued existence and improvement of a vital event in the life of the UK Python community.

- Nominated by Own Campbell May 2017

Daniele Procida

Daniele has served the Python community through his sustained contributions to PyCon and DjangoCon conferences around the world as an organiser, speaker, mentor and teacher.

As the conference director for PyCon UK, he has overseen continuous growth in participation and has used that experience to help other conferences in their efforts to bring Python to a wider audience. A notable example is his work over three years to organise, establish and nurture PyCon Namibia to the point where it is now self-sustaining.

Daniele is a member of the Django Software Foundation board and one of the leading members of the Python community in Cardiff. After organising the first Django conference in the UK in Cardiff in 2014 he not only went on to organise DjangoCon Europe 2015 but also is a founding member of the Cardiff Python user group meetup (PyDiff) which has grown to be an event regularly hosting 30 attendees.

His commitment to nurturing beginner programmers and inexperienced conference speakers has been exemplary and he is a vocal champion of diversity and the support of minority communities at Python events.

As a mentor and teacher, Daniele has helped many programmers make their first contribution to open source software through his well regarded "Don't be afraid to commit" tutorial.

Daniele has become one of the premier PyCon organisers on an international scale and, whenever he is the conference chair, the event is diverse, welcoming, well-organised and educational for all. Many are members of the Python community simply as a result of his commitment and effort.

- Nominated by Own Campbell May 2017 - Nominated by Nicholas Tollervey July 2017

Carrie Anne Philbin

for all her international work promoting Python in education.

- Nominated by Nicholas Tollervey July 2017

Corinne Welsh

for organising and volunteering to run educational workshops in London that promote Python in education

- Nominated by Nicholas Tollervey July 2017

Cory Benfield

for being a prime mover in PyCon UK and for his continued work as the maintainer of "requests" (among many other things).

- Nominated by Nicholas Tollervey July 2017

Damien George

for single handedly creating a new port of Python to microcontrollers and volunteering work for the micro:bit project.

- Nominated by Nicholas Tollervey July 2017

Dan Pope

for his educational work on PyGame Zero, being a long-term "cat herder" at the London Python Code Dojo and for taking over the PSF massages at EuroPython after the passing of Rob Collins (who should be moved into the deceased fellows section on the website).

- Nominated by Nicholas Tollervey July 2017

Jackie Kazil

I, Ewa Jodlowska, propose that Jacqueline Kazil be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation due to her contributions to the Python community. Jackie has been a local organizer of Python events for several years. In addition to that, Jackie has managed the PSF Grants Work Group and continues to help organize PyLadies events at PyCon such as the Auction and Luncheon that happen every year. Jackie has served on the PSF Board for two years.

Ruben Orduz

I, Ewa Jodlowska, propose that Ruben Orduz be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation due to his significant contributions to the Python community. Ruben has been the PyCon US Tutorial Committee chair for several years. In that role, Ruben has guided the committee members, helped reviewers, created final schedules, communicated with instructors, and helped with financial organization to name a few. Ruben is also supporting our sponsorship efforts. Additionally, Ruben has been dedicate to representing the PSF at any Python event he attends around the world.

Carol Willing

I, Ewa Jodlowska, propose that Carol Willing be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation due to her significant contributions to the Python community. Carol is an active organizer of the PyLadies San Diego group. Carol has served on the PSF board for two years. Additionally, Carol has been a member of the PyCon tutorial committee. Furthermore, Carol has been a great mentor to women in the Python community and she continues to lead in diversity efforts.

Łukasz Langa

I, Ewa Jodlowska, propose that Łukasz Langa be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation due to his significant contributions to the Python language. Łukasz has been a dedicated core developer for several years. Additionally, he has also taken on the task of organizing yearly Sprints for the core devs.

Lorena Mesa

I, Ewa Jodlowska, propose that Lorena Mesa be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation due to her significant contributions to the Python community. Lorena has been a very active local organizer for Python events in the Chicago area. Lorena has served on the PSF Board for two years. Additionally, Lorena does a lot of outreach in the Caribbean area and supports the growth of that community

Brian Costlow

I, Ewa Jodlowska, propose that Brian Costlow be recognized as a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation due to his significant contributions to the Python community. Brian has been a PyOhio organizer for many years and continues to support his local community. Additionally, Brian has been a devoted volunteer at PyCon US helping with Captioning services.

Laura Cassell

Author, Python Projects; Founder, PyLadies Atlanta, Mentor, Manager, overall awesome person. Nominated by Brandy Porter.

Aisha Bello

I, Adeola Adesina, nominates Aisha Bello to be a fellow of the Python Software Foundation. She's a lead organizer of Django girls Lagos as well as over 5 other Django girls event in Nigeria. She's the Vice chairperson of the Python Nigeria Community. Her selfless contribution as well as that of the Chairman, Chukwudi Nwachukwu, has made Python a popular programming language in Nigeria.

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