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Note: this is an unofficial posting of the official python documentation. So PLEASE DON'T modify the existing text! It will probably just be overwritten and no one will realize you've done it. PLEASE DO add any and all comments at the end of the section they apply to. That's what it's for!

10. The Python Profiler

10.1 [:/ProfilerIntro:Introduction to the profiler]

10.2 [:/DiffOldProfiler:How Is This Profiler Different From The Old Profiler?]

10.3 [:/InstantUsersManual:Instant Users Manual]

10.4 [:/DeterministicProfiling:What Is Deterministic Profiling?]

10.5 [:/ReferenceManual:Reference Manual]

10.6 [:/ProfilerLimitations:Limitations]

10.7 [:/ProfilerCalibration:Calibration]

10.8 [:/ProfilerExtensions:Extensions] -- Deriving Better Profilers

10.9 [:/HotshotProfiler:hotshot] -- High performance logging profiler 10.9.1 Profile Objects 10.9.2 Using hotshot data 10.9.3 Example Usage

10.10 [:/TimeitProfiler:timeit] -- Measure execution time of small code snippets 10.10.1 Command Line Interface 10.10.2 Examples


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