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Python Library Reference

Note: this is an unofficial posting of the official python documentation. So PLEASE DON'T modify the existing text! It will probably just be overwritten and no one will realize you've done it. PLEASE DO add any and all comments at the end of the section they apply to. That's what it's for!

Structured Markup Processing Tools

13.1 HTMLParser -- Simple HTML and XHTML parser

13.1.1 Example HTML Parser Application

13.2 sgmllib -- Simple SGML parser

13.3 htmllib -- A parser for HTML documents 13.3.1 HTMLParser Objects

13.4 htmlentitydefs -- Definitions of HTML general entities

13.5 xml.parsers.expat -- Fast XML parsing using Expat

13.5.1 XMLParser Objects 13.5.2 ExpatError Exceptions 13.5.3 Example 13.5.4 Content Model Descriptions 13.5.5 Expat error constants

13.6 xml.dom -- The Document Object Model API

13.6.1 Module Contents 13.6.2 Objects in the DOM 13.6.3 Conformance

13.7 xml.dom.minidom -- Lightweight DOM implementation

13.7.1 DOM Objects 13.7.2 DOM Example 13.7.3 minidom and the DOM standard

13.8 xml.dom.pulldom -- Support for building partial DOM trees

13.8.1 DOMEventStream Objects

13.9 xml.sax -- Support for SAX2 parsers

13.9.1 SAXException Objects

13.10 xml.sax.handler -- Base classes for SAX handlers

13.10.1 ContentHandler Objects 13.10.2 DTDHandler Objects 13.10.3 EntityResolver Objects 13.10.4 ErrorHandler Objects

13.11 xml.sax.saxutils -- SAX Utilities

13.12 xml.sax.xmlreader -- Interface for XML parsers

13.12.1 XMLReader Objects 13.12.2 IncrementalParser Objects 13.12.3 Locator Objects 13.12.4 InputSource Objects 13.12.5 The Attributes Interface 13.12.6 The AttributesNS Interface

13.13 xmllib -- A parser for XML documents

13.13.1 XML Namespaces



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