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Python Library Reference

Note: this is an unofficial posting of the official python documentation. So PLEASE DON'T modify the existing text! It will probably just be overwritten and no one will realize you've done it. PLEASE DO add any and all comments at the end of the section they apply to. That's what it's for!

Miscellaneous Services

5.1 pydoc -- Documentation generator and online help system

5.2 doctest -- Test docstrings represent reality

5.3 unittest -- Unit testing framework

5.3.1 Basic example 5.3.2 Organizing test code 5.3.3 Re-using old test code 5.3.4 Classes and functions 5.3.5 TestCase Objects 5.3.6 TestSuite Objects 5.3.7 TestResult Objects 5.3.8 TestLoader Objects

5.4 test -- Regression tests package for Python

5.4.1 Writing Unit Tests for the test package 5.4.2 Running tests Using test.regrtest

5.5 test.test_support -- Utility functions for tests

5.6 math -- Mathematical functions

5.7 cmath -- Mathematical functions for complex numbers

5.8 random -- Generate pseudo-random numbers

5.9 whrandom -- Pseudo-random number generator

5.10 bisect -- Array bisection algorithm

5.10.1 Examples

5.11 heapq -- Heap queue algorithm

5.11.1 Theory

5.12 array -- Efficient arrays of numeric values

5.13 sets -- Unordered collections of unique elements

5.13.1 Set Objects 5.13.2 Example 5.13.3 Protocol for automatic conversion to immutable

5.14 itertools -- Functions creating iterators for efficient looping

5.14.1 Itertool functions 5.14.2 Examples

5.15 ConfigParser -- Configuration file parser

5.15.1 RawConfigParser Objects 5.15.2 ConfigParser Objects

5.16 fileinput -- Iterate over lines from multiple input streams

5.17 xreadlines -- Efficient iteration over a file

5.18 calendar -- General calendar-related functions

5.19 cmd -- Support for line-oriented command interpreters

5.19.1 Cmd Objects

5.20 shlex -- Simple lexical analysis

5.20.1 Module Contents 5.20.2 shlex Objects 5.20.3 Parsing Rules

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