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Clear message

ActiveState seems to have the python snippet market well served (example.) Its unfortunate they beat the python community to it, now they have a pretty big market share. -- anon

I think they are *part* of the Python community, and they're doing a good job hosting the Cookbook. -- JeanJordaan

Can we successfully encourage new contributions to come to this wiki instead? Do we want that? -- anon

Why? Don't do the same job again. Rather add value, e.g. by coordinating editors who rate and edit recipes at the ASPN cookbook. -- JeanJordaan

Can (legally/technically)/should we mine the content from ActiveState to seed this wiki? -- anon

I don't think we should try to move it. They do an excellent job as far as I can tell. Why not let the community grow rather than try to restrict it? -- anon

Advantages of wiki over the ActiveStateCookbook:

I believe our situation is this:

-- LionKimbro

The Sum is Less than Parts. -- anon

I think the PythonInfoWiki isn't living up to it's potential. As far as I can tell, we are fragmentary, and nobody seems committed to the wiki. We don't even know who runs it. -- LionKimbro 2006-03-30 16:19:29


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