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There are a variety of books about Python. Here's a guide to them:

  * IntroductoryBooks (gentle overviews of the language)
  * AdvancedBooks (for when you don't want gentle)
  * ReferenceBooks (much information in a small space)
  * Specific applications:
     * GameProgrammingBooks
     * NetworkProgrammingBooks
     * GuiBooks
     * JythonBooks
     * ScientificProgrammingBooks
     * SystemAdministrationBooks
     * WebProgrammingBooks
     * WindowsBooks

     * XmlBooks
     * ZopeBooks
  * Books in languages other than English:
     * FrenchPythonBooks
     * GermanPythonBooks
     * HungarianPythonBooks
     * JapanesePythonBooks
     * KoreanPythonBooks
     * RussianPythonBooks
     * PersianPythonBooks
     * PolishPythonBooks
     * PortuguesePythonBooks

When you see a book you like, don't hesitate to add your recommendation!

External sources of information about (Python) books:
 * [[http://www.computer-books.us/python.php|Computer-Books.us]] - A collection of Python books available for free download.
 * [[http://codeidol.com/python/|CodeIdol.com]] - A collection of Python books available for online reading.
 * [[http://www.okpython.com|Computer-Books.china]] - A collection of Python books

 * [[http://www.awaretek.com/book.html|Reviews by Ron Stephens]]

There is also a list of OutOfPrintBooks.
My name is Myrtis (30 years old) and my hobbies are Taxidermy and Mineral collecting.<<BR>>
My weblog :: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orf4sJKbkqs|how to be keith barry]]

My name is Myrtis (30 years old) and my hobbies are Taxidermy and Mineral collecting.

My weblog :: how to be keith barry

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