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 * [http://turboblog.python-hosting.com/ TurboBlog]  * [http://turboblog.devjavu.com/ TurboBlog]

This is a list of web log ("blog") software written in Python, organised by category. Please feel free to add to the list or add details.

To start a feature comparison, use the following keys within braces:BR c = commentsBR h = cachingBR k = pingback / tracebackBR m = markup supportBR n = notificationsBR p = plugin architectureBR r = RSS feedBR t = topics / categories


web.py Based

Zope Based

Django Based

TurboGears Based

Snakelets Based

  • [http://snakelets.sourceforge.net/frog/ Frog]

    • {ckmnr}
    • calendar
    • image embedding or linking
    • multi-user
    • active article overview
    • permalinks
    • Unicode compatible
    • data as XML files on filesystem
    • CSS-based valid layout


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