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checklist for holding pycon India 2011

These are some points to be taken into consideration. Please add to this.

  1. free hosting by an engineering/other college
  2. 3 AC auditoriums with projectors and power outlets.
  3. one room for speakers to gather - with power outlets, tables and chairs
  4. one room for volunteers and organisers to gather and coordinate
  5. one or more rooms for BOFs and sprints
  6. at least one lab with sufficient machines for tutorials - more would be welcome
  7. copious signs directing people to the various rooms
  8. at least one senior staff member - preferably enthusiastic about python - from the college side
  9. a good number of local volunteers - again preferably with some interest in python
  10. scope for audience from the hosting college
  11. availability of hostel accomodation for attending students
  12. availability of guesthouse/guestrooms for out station speakers
  13. transport arrangements
  14. available rooms/auditoriums in fairly close proximity to each other

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