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  • done Create prospectus
  • Find sponsors
  • Follow-through on promises to sponsors
  • Find contacts at individual schools to publicize
  • Arrange podcasting
  • Make blog badge
  • Post to calendars, mailing lists
  • Arrange a discounted block from The Blackwell
  • Compile & publish info on other nearby hotels
  • Help arrange roomshares and couchshares
  • Can we get dorms, like YAPC:NA?
Norton House
Phone: 614-292-4331
Summer Phone: 614-292-3930
Hall Director: Jamie Harty
Assistant Hall Director: Abby Kruszynski
Baker East (closest to Union)
Phone: 614-292-4005
Hall Director: Doug Eck
Phone: 614-292-9797
Summer Phone: 614-292-9797
Hall Director: Ramsey Piazza
Assistant Hall Director: Rob Richardson
  • Asked Amy Loy @ OSU
  • Enable registration page

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