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PyIMSL is a collection of Python wrappers to the mathematical and statistical algorithms in the IMSL C Numerical Library from Rogue Wave Software. PyIMSL is available as part of the PyIMSL Studio product or as a separate download. If using PyIMSL as a separate download, a IMSL C Numerical Library license is required.

PyIMSL is unique in that developers get 100% consistency between the mathematical and statistical algorithms used for prototyping as used for production. Developers can use Python and PyIMSL for rapid prototyping. Using IMSL C Library in a production C application, developers can get the same mathematics and statistics algorithms in both development environments.

PyIMSL Studio is available for download at no charge for non-commercial use or for commercial evaluation. The PyIMSL wrappers are available at no charge to current IMSL C Numerical Library users.

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