This page is for use by PyCon organizers to to record learning experiences from this year's conference, and to remember things that we could do better next time.

A postmortem IRC session was held at 1PM EST, Friday April 2nd., channel #pycon. Here is the PyConPostMortemIrcTranscript.

Please record "concrete successes" in PyCon2004Successes. Start another page for "concrete failures" if needed? -- specifically not just negative feedback, but things that absolutely didn't work out.


Pre-registered numbers: 340 attendees.

43 badges were never picked up. Some (10?) of these were for "Keynote Guests" added after registration, and therefore unpaid.

18 paid registrations on-site.

Total Paid Registrants: 364 -(Trevor and Neal verified stat)

Ideas for next time

Tasks for next time

Responsibilities for Future Years

This is just a draft of things that have been identified so far, and is not cast in stone. Feel free to add other suggestions.


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