Tasks for PyCon T-shirts

-90 days: Selecting the swag vendor

-80 days: Creating tshirt order based on size proportions of attendees prior year

-80 days: Calling for volunteer to accept delivery of tshirts and totes in advance of conference

-55 days: Bug graphic designer about images

-50 days: Get T-shirt images from graphic designer

Close of early registration: Chair commits to attendance figure.

-45 days: Get quote from swag vendor (T-shirts, tote bag)

-45 days: Get chair's approval for T-shirt, tote budget

-45 days: Get tote bag images from graphic designer

-44 days: Ordering tshirts, totes from swag vendor

-44 days: Emailing attendee tshirt images to vendor

-44 days: Emailing staff tshirt images to vendor

-44 days: Emailing tote images to vendor

-44 days: Submit reimbursement request to PSF treasurer

-37 days: Proofread T-shirts, totes at vendor

-30 days: Vendor ships to local volunteer

-30 days: Optionally make a second order if registration numbers suggest it.

-1 day: Stuff the bags

-1 day: Fold T-shirts

-1 day: Hand out some staff T-shirts


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