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= Quick-Sheets = = Helpful Instructions/Quick-Sheets =
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 * All microphones are wireless lapel clip this year. Have the Session Chair help you.
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 * We have professional lighting this year. Try not to stare into the lights. (we are still working to reduce glare)  * Do not use a laser pointer. Only attendees in the first row can see it.
 * Face the audience and project. The audio system does not cover the first few rows.
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David Goodger had suggested INpycon use their speaker notes which Doug had mailed in. Parts that may not be relevant to INPyCon have been edited.

Speaker/Session notes

The key to a great conference is simple: communication. Below is a list of instructions for presenters and the session staff. Even if the instructions are not for you, please read them all so you understand what everyone is doing and how we are all working together. In truth, there are only 3 rules:

  1. Do what works.
  2. Do not do what does not work.
  3. Share with everyone else what #1 and #2 are.

#3 is the second most important rule.

In short if something below is not working, don't do it. Just because its on this wiki-page does not mean it is the right thing to do.

These notes can be printed out and given to your local volunteers who will be manning the Green Room and conference operations.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the most important rule is: HAVE FUN! (seriously!)

Helpful Instructions/Quick-Sheets

Speaker Information

  • Go to the Green Room at least 10min before your talk to get the latest information, co-ordinate with Session Staff, and test your equipment.
  • Your machine resolution should be at 1024x768 resolution if possible. Use high-contrast fonts & large lettering for slides.

  • Feel free to use the Green Room at any time. Printers, snacks, and drinks will be available any time during the day.
  • Session Staff will ask you for your slides, and they can upload them to the website for you.
  • Alert Session Staff to any requirements like machine audio.
  • Introduce yourself to the room session chair and let them know about any special introduction information.
  • All microphones are wireless lapel clip this year. Have the Session Chair help you.
  • The Session Chair will start the talk with an introduction and end the talk with a thank you.
  • Do not use a laser pointer. Only attendees in the first row can see it.
  • Face the audience and project. The audio system does not cover the first few rows.
  • Repeat or summarize all questions before answering them.
  • Respect questions, even newbie or silly ones.
  • Attempt to introduce yourself to your Session Staff earlier in the conference.

Session Staff Information

Along with speakers we also have session staff. The session staff are broken into session chairs and session runners. The chairs sit in the presentation room and assist the speaker and moderate when needed. The runners track down speakers, make sure they are prepared well before getting to the presentation room, and act as a second body for the session chairs whom are stuck in the rooms.

  • Go to the Green Room 15min before your session starts to co-ordinate with other Session Staff and get up to date information.
  • Return your equipment to the Green Room after your session.
  • Speakers are volunteers too. Please be polite and courteous at all times.
  • Communicate with other Session Staff to get everyone up to speed on the latest information including radio channel number and other changes.
  • If some plan or procedure does not work, communicate that fact and try to find something which does work with others.
  • Attempt to introduce yourself to your session partner and speakers earlier in the conference.

Session Runner Information

  • Be in the Green Room 10min before each talk to meet the speaker.
  • Help the speaker set up their laptop on the test projector with the slides ready to present.
  • Ask the speaker about any special requirements, such as machine audio, which will require help from the A/V Staff.
  • Ask the presenter if they can copy their slides onto a provided USB drive for copying up to the website.
  • Escort the speaker to the presentation room 5min before the talk is to start and introduce them to the Session Chair.
  • Help the previous speaker disconnect their equipment (if there is one) and the new speaker hook up theirs (if needed).
  • If there is interest in an Open Space talk from the previous talk, ask if those interested would like assistance with getting a room and posting to the board.

Session Chair Information

  • Don't forget your Stop Watch and Signs from the Green Room.
  • Return your equipment to the Green Room after your session.
  • Ask the speakers how they would like to be introduced, if there's anything particular you should mention in your introduction.
  • Ask how the speaker's name is pronounced.
  • Ask the speakers how much time they want for Q&A, and how they want to be timed: if they want reminders at 15min, 10min, 5min.

  • Ask the speakers how they would like to handle questions: would they prefer to handle this phase of the session themselves, or would they like your help? Remind them to repeat questions.
  • When the presenter is ready at the beginning of the talk, signal the A/V Team and wait for their go signal.
  • If there are any announcements, please read them in a loud, clear voice. Use the microphone!

  • Introduce each talk with the title, speaker, and how long the talk will last 30, 45, or 60 minutes including any Q&A: "This is 'How to introduce a talk.' by Someone. This will be a 45min talk including 10min dedicated to Questions and answers at the end."

  • If the speaker asked for help with questions, you should ask the audience for questions at the end of the presentation, and indicate whose question should be taken next. Either you or the speaker should repeat the question into the microphone.
  • Make sure talks finish on time, as a courtesy to the subsequent speakers and to the audience. "I'm afraid we have to move to the next talk right now."
  • If there is sufficient interest suggest an Open Space followup. "If anyone is interested in further discussion please consider an Open Space followup; a Session Runner can help those interested."
  • Remember to thank the speaker and the audience for their participation; start the applause.
  • Try to clear the Podium and usher attendees away from the podium: the Session Runner will arrive with the next speaker 5min before the next talk if all goes to plan) and manage setup and Open Space handoff.


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