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Pycon India 2009 invites you to the first ever Pycon in India, to deliver talks to share your experiences in academia or industry, and/ or expertise in all topics concerning Python.

For help on how to decide upon a topic and prepare the presentation, see Andrew Kuchling's talk at Pycon US 2009:
How to Give a Python Talk

Dates and Venue

Pycon India 2009 will be held on September 26 and 27, 2009 at IISc Bangalore. Deadline for submission of talks is August 1 2009, and acceptance will be conveyed for accepted talks by August 15 2009.

Sample topics (not exclusive)

Talk format

Types of talks (lightning, regular, tutorial, sprint etc.)

The regular talks will be of 30 to 45 minutes duration each. The lightning talks will be (true to their name) of 5 minutes duration.

How to submit

Proposal submitted must include the following

Final submission should include slide deck in pdf format and detailed notes for audience reference. Speakers are encouraged to use a liberal Creative Commons license for any material submitted.


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