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Assigned duties for PyCon 2003

(Keep this for historical purposes.)

  1. Email paper acceptance w/comments, and email rejection - Steve Holden Done SH

  2. Email "show us the code" paper authors -- Itamar Shtull-Trauring
  3. Web page in showing the titles and authorships of the accepted papers, to be done after (1) is done. -- Aahz, David Ascher
  4. Scheduling - Neal
  5. Getting sponsors - David Ascher, Laura, Aron Trauring
  6. PR - Aron Trauring, ...
  7. Registration - Aahz
  8. Keynote finder - Laura
  9. T-Shirt design - Michael Bernstein
  10. Make sure papers get on website - VOLUNTEER NEEDED
  11. Look at improving software for OS use by others.
  12. Establish Cafe Press store - for PSF?
  13. Gopher handlers: Itamar
  14. Registration desk: Bob Payne and Tripp Lilley

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