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 * Facundo Batista, '''Money module for financial applications.'''

This page will list speakers for the Lightning Talk session.

Session 1: Thursday 1pm, 90 minutes

Session 2: Friday 1pm, 60 minutes

  • Ian Bicking, A 1-minute general-purpose metaclass (and a 4-minute explanation)
  • Ian Bicking, Python marketing and web programming
  • AndyHarrington, Simplifying the User Interface for Repetitive Tasks: Custom File Formats http://www.cs.luc.edu/~anh/gallery/lightning.html

  • Matthew Blecker, Simple and intuitive config file rules for DB row evaluation in Python

  • Facundo Batista, Money module for financial applications.

Speakers without sessions

  • your name and title here (talk title)

  • Stefano Masini, [http://www.pragma2000.com Pragma 2000], How we do Publishing Automation, using Python, Twisted and Adobe Indesign


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