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This page will list speakers for the Lightning Talk session.

= Session 1: Thursday 1pm, 90 minutes =

 * Grig Gheorghiu, [http://agiletesting.blogspot.com], '''Selenium and PyFIT/FitNesse demos'''
 * Eric Jones speaking for Travis Oliphant, Description of new scipy_core project seeking to unify Numeric and Numarray behind a single array object, [http://numeric.scipy.org]
 * Richard Jones, [http://mechanicalcat.net/tech/ld48], '''LD48: Having far too much fun programming in Python.'''
 * Wayne K. Yamamoto, Entrepreneur in Residence at Rustic Canyon Partners (wayne@rusticcanyon.com), '''Venture Capital: Snake Oil for the Python Developer? Banking Your Company on Python'''
 * Richard Jones, '''Pronunciation in the Python World (I vs y)'''

= Session 2: Friday 1pm, 60 minutes =

 * Ian Bicking, A 1-minute general-purpose metaclass (and a 4-minute explanation)
 * Ian Bicking, Python marketing and web programming
 * AndyHarrington, '''Simplifying the User Interface for Repetitive Tasks: Custom File Formats''' http://www.cs.luc.edu/~anh/gallery/lightning.html

= Speakers without sessions =

 * ''your name and title here (talk title)''
 * Stefano Masini, [http://www.pragma2000.com Pragma 2000], '''How we do Publishing Automation, using Python, Twisted and Adobe Indesign'''
 * Facundo Batista, [http://pyar.decode.com.ar/], '''!PyAr - Python Argentina: Objetives and activities.'''
 * Facundo Batista, [http://sourceforge.net/projects/sigefi], '''!SiGeFi: A financial management system for personal use.'''

[http://www.bjicp.net ICP]
[http://www.bjicp.net 办理ICP]
[http://www.lucking.com.cn 周易]
[http://www.bjicp.net ICP代办]
[http://www.bjicp.net 代办ICP]
[http://www.bjicp.net sp代办]
[http://www.bjicp.net 代办sp]
[http://www.bjicp.net 代办呼叫中心]
[http://www.bjicp.net 呼叫中心]
[http://www.bjicp.net sp]

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