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Dates and Times

PyConDC2004 Sessions (talks): March 24, 25, 26

PyConDC2004 Sprints scheduled for March 20-23 For details, see /SprintPlan

/PsfMemberEvents for PSF Members: PSF member meeting and key signing party

Networking (for Computers)


PyConDC2004 is over! Check out the /Aftermath.

A summary of the feedback from attendees is at PyConDC2004/Feedback.


The second annual PyCon community conference, PyConDC2004, took place on 24-26 March 2004 at George Washington University's Cafritz Conference Center in Washington, DC. This was a low-cost community-organized conference. There were four days of sprinting on various projects before the con, from March 20 to March 23; see SprintPlan2004 - as an opportunity to see ExtremeProgramming in action, the PyCon sprint was said to have been a good place to start.

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