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I went to PyCon last year and loved it. I can't go this year because we're having our first baby shortly before the conference. So I'm sending at least one employee to PyCon this year, maybe two.

We intend to rent a minivan for the drive down, which is roughly a 10 hour drive from Toronto. The van seats seven, but 3 or 4 or 5 people would be less crowded than 7.

The plan is to leave on Tuesday Mar 23rd and come back on Saturday Mar 27th. More details here as we know them.

This will probably be discussed at the PyGTA meetings between now and then, but if transportation was keeping you from going, you now have one less excuse: I'm covering the rental and gas costs, since it costs no more than sending one person.

To minimize your other costs, register early, share a hotel room, eat two meals a day for free, and follow the other tips on PyConForCheap2004.

If you're interested in riding down, contact me or go to a PyGTA meeting or just say so on this page.

-- Shane McChesney <shane at>


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