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Clear message

Lists places/people we should send the CfP and an announcement of PyCon registration. As you investigate a place and figure out who to contact, please add a link (e.g. an obfuscated e-mail address, a link to a mailing list or a professor's contact page, etc.)

Once you've e-mailed or posted a CfP, please add "(cfp done)" next to the entry.

Local User Groups

Local CS Departments

Other Local Schools/Academic Departments

Any tech-oriented high schools? EE departments?

Women in Technology

Minorities in Technology

Nearby states

Please list user groups, CS departments, etc. that should be informed about the CfP and about PyCon.






North Carolina

South Carolina

Univ. of South Carolina Computer Science Dept. (cfp done 15 Aug by DougHellmann)


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