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* Lionel Hummel (ptdm9q502@sneakemail.com) : Monday/Tuesday/Thursday

Links to development sprint pages on http://us.pycon.org:

Sign Up for a Sprint!

This is a generic sign-up sheet. Projects and project-specific sign-up sheets are listed here.

Please add your name below. Include your email address and the sprint you're interested in. See you at PyCon!

  • David Goodger (goodger@python.org): PyCon-Tech
  • Mark Ramm (mark dot ramm gmail.com): TurboGears2
  • Christopher Perkins (chris at percious dot com): TurboGears2
  • Ralph Green (rgreen (you know what symbol) zeomega.com
  • Andy Harrington (aharrin luc.edu): not sure which
  • Richard Jones (richard@python.org): not sure yet
  • Gregory P. Smith (greg krypto.org): Python, maybe OLPC or another
  • Steve Holden (steve holdenweb com): Monday and Tuesday, currently undecided
  • Johannes Woolard (johannes stop woolard gmail stop com): Monday and most of Tuesday - maybe GASP, but not sure yet
  • John Szakmeister (john at szakmeister dot net): Monday, not sure which... probably Python.
  • Guilherme Lopes (patanisca gmail): all 4 days, not sure yet
  • Will Harris ("will%sgreatlibrary%snet" % tuple("@.")): Monday, currently undecided
  • Rob Kapteyn (RobKapteyn gmail): undecided, I live close by and have time
  • Wolfgang Langner (tds333 gmail): Monday - Tuesday
  • Phillip Miller (philmill284 gmail): Monday - Wed Morning: Django,OLPC,PyGame
  • Jared Hancock (gravydish yahoo) : Monday - Wed Morning: Django,OLPC,PyGame
  • Lionel Hummel (ptdm9q502@sneakemail.com) : Monday/Tuesday/Thursday

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