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Sign Up for a Sprint!

Are you interested in sprinting in this project? Great!

Please add your name below, include your email address.

If you're not sure which project to join, you can register in the generic sprint sign-up page.

See you at PyCon!

Project Info

Project URL:

Sprint Leader: Brett Cannon

Accessing the source and docs:

Developer pointers can be found from

PyCon Details

There will also be a tutorial on developing and sprinting on Python's core Sunday evening at PyCon (time to be announced later). If you do not have prior experience developing on the core please plan on attending! The tutorial will last a couple of hours and cover everything from how to best compile Python for development to best practices.

An email prior to PyCon (most likely be a couple of weeks) will be sent out stating what is expected of participants before they attend. This essentially consists of having Subversion and a proper compiler installed on your laptop. Instructions on how to do this will be in the email.


Please leave your name, email in some form, and how long you plan to attend.

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