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Proposed Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Proposed Place: Love Int'l B (30 seats)

Proposed Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Proposed Place: Love Int'l B (30 seats)

This Open Space session is for people interested in Python + .NET. Specifically:

  • IronPython (Python implemented in .NET)

  • Python.NET (CPython module for using .NET libraries)

We don't have a specific schedule planned for the session, but we hope to have the following:

  • Lightning talks from people who are already using Python+.NET
  • Questions from people who attended the following talks:
    • Using .NET Libraries in CPython, by Feihong Hsu
    • IronPython: The Road Ahead, by Jim Hugunin

    • End-user computing without tears using Resolver, an IronPython spreadsheet, by Giles Thomas

    • Python in your Browser with IronPython & Silverlight, by Michael Foord

  • Discussion about future directions of Python+.NET
  • Discussion of IronPython related projects like Ironclad (C Extensions from IronPython) and Coils (Static wrappers for IronPython classes)

  • Discussion of Python inspired languages on .NET, like Cobra and Boo and the Dynamic Language Runtime

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