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Clear message

Releases signed

We can go ahead and proceed with editing these talks.

Testing Panel -- assigned
Python-dev panel
Jython for Python Developers
Developing with Dabo
Python at Sony Imageworks
Testing Network Gateway Interface -- assigned
Trac -- assigned -- edited
Zope Tutorial

No release

We have audio for these talks, but not release forms. I'll write the authors and ask if they signed a release, wish to sign one now, or want the raw audio for their own talk.

{{{MockObjects -- mail sent

Topographica (possibly partial) Test Automation for a Complex System Some lightning talks }}}


We have sizable chunks of the GvR, Krstic, and Lefkowitz keynotes; I haven't verified whether we actually have every minute of those talks.

There's 12 minutes of audio from the Goldberg keynote, but that's not enough for us to post.

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