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PyCon 2006 was held near Dallas, Texas.

The main conference web site is

The venue will be the Dallas-Addison Marriott Quorum (reserve a room / Hotel's Website / Map to Hotel)

The Marriott Quorum hotel is located on the north side of Dallas, in the suburban Town of Addison.

Dates and times

The conference schedule is:

     Thu, Feb 23: Tutorials
     Fri, Feb 24: PyCon day 1
     Sat, Feb 25: PyCon day 2
     Sun, Feb 26: PyCon day 3
     Mon, Feb 27: Sprints 1
     Tue, Feb 28: Sprints 2
     Wed, Mar  1: Sprints 3
     Thu, Mar  2: Sprints 4 / teardown


Local Information

Suggestions, Ideas

What would you like to see at PyCon 2006? Please edit these wiki pages, adding your suggestions and ideas.

There is a page of suggestions for speakers at PyCon2006/SpeakerNotes, with tips on writing your slides and presenting your talk.

Want to help? Take a look at PyCon2006/VolunteerTasks for ways you can help.

For Organizers

Planning-related pages belong to the CategoryPyConPlanning category.

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