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Barring a surprising change in Python's growth, PyCon 2006 will be too large for GWU's facilities. The 2005 conference will therefore be the last one at GWU.

The larger the venue, the further in advance we need to book it, so we should regard 2006 venue choice as an immediate problem, rather than waiting until it's too late.

Since venues typically book up to 18 months in advance, you might argue we are already too late, and I wouldn't disagree. Typically we should expect to be doing long-range planning 18-24 months in advance.

First let's try to establish some ground rules. Before we start to advocate particular venues, let's all try to agree on what we'd like from an ideal venue. The hope is that this can be incorporated into some kind of "scoresheet" that those who visit potential venues can use to report back - preferably to the pycon-organizers list, with a summary here.

Desirable Venue Characteristics


[ List of Baltimore venues]:

Please add information here that you have obtained from specific venues. Where possible please include contact details for your sources of information, and add your own identity.

Other possibilities

Some possible sites:

4H Center, Chevy Chase, Maryland (up to 800, but specializing in youth conferences; has 800 beds available, though)

Hilton Mark Center, Alexandria (largest room seats 1200; this is where Python10 was held; forget about mass transit, though).

Crystal Gateway

[ Crystal Gateway Marriott]

This venue never got back to us. Let's look for somewhere else. --amk

I think this may be a little precipitate. Would somebody like to try entering requirements on [ this page] and see if we hear anything? The venue looks good ... SH

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